a partial retraction

I don’t feel like I had to use the words ‘brave’ and ‘heroes’ but I do feel like i was being a bit harsh in yesterday’s post. I’ve developed a resentment against american institutions in the last while which is fairly pointless. I’m just not going to watch the news anymore again. I had been getting into the SBS news since I moved back into the bungalow – Mary Kostakidis and Lee Lin Chin rock. Mary K. in particular can say more in the split-second almost imperceptible facial expression between cutting back to the studio and launching into another story — than all the others put together from the commercial 6:30 timeslot offerings. Mostly she seems disgusted – disgusted with areal sharon etc.

Bloody hell the mozzies are bad tonight. One just bit orf my leg.

Have been bopping along to Raymond Scott bit. It normally goes “machines can do the work, so that people have time to think”. Again, 2020 is something I picked up at the library, but I think I saw it in the music shop for 20 bucks, so would be worth getting. One of those all-too rare quality discs that has been released locally. In this case because they are local — well canberra at least. Acidy space-disco. I think I’ll stick a link to them on the side. Most of their website is in desperate need of updating, but there’s announcements of when they’re playing, and I see that I just missed a gig in Melbourne by a couple of weeks. Would have been good if they were playing during the day – that way I have a chance of getting a train home.
I don’t really even want to mention how I missed Kraftwerk supported by Dave Thrussell at the Metro last week. boo-hoo. no money, no wheels.

Raymond Scott is very interesting. One of the pioneering gran-daddies of electronic music, and jazz a bit too. Way ahead of his time; anybody we might know the name of – who he collaborated with, was 25 years younger than him — like the guy Moog who invented Moog synthesizers, and Jim Henson.
There’s a bunch of short .mp3s on this page of that site. If you grab any – get that one entitled ‘Powerhouse’ — anyone who hasn’t been stuck on a desert island for the last fifty years will recognise it.
He also did this thing called “The Paperwork Explosion”, which, lo and behold, was commisioned by IBM… “There’s never enough time to do the paperwork. There isn’t enough people to do the paperwork….” it’s really funny. Unfortunately I’ve not tracked down a copy of that yet — just heard it on the radio once.

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i don’t think it sounded particularly harsh yesterday
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Ah well, i did. It ain’t funny when people die. T’is frustrating to see humanity floundering.

Viola! no pop-up.
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No you’re right.. it’s not funny.

Ya know I didn’t think that my argument about the pop-ups was that convincing 🙂

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