This morning i was reminded of how excellent the net and weblogs are as a source of information. I’d just jumped on here to have a look round – a spin down the blog-list. And I find that a spaceship had some problems landing. A big thumbs up to Tony for being ‘our man on the ground’ for that one. As he says, now we’ll never know if australian spiders can be used to sort tiny screws in space.
I purposefully decided not to post an entry about it right then because all I could think of were so called ‘conspiracy theories’ and really heartless smart-arsed coments, like the sentence before this one. I’d prefer not to be remembered as a callous bastard, so I won’t reel off any more.
But I will say, that it must sincerely suck to be part of NASA; effectively a sub-branch of the US military. When they screw up (as would seem to be the situation at present) they get their funding yoinked faster than you can say … something that’s quick to say.
But when the CIA/NSA and air force screw up (as the mainstream view of sept 11, 2001 goes) they get their funding jacked up bigtime.
So much of what nasa does is either shunting weapons tech. for the military or shunting commercial sattelites for payment. There seems to be so little done in the way of space research for research’s sake.

I remember in year eight i thought that by the time i was a grown-up lots and lots of people would be going into space and that if i studied hard and worked hard that maybe I could be one. i thought that by the time I was forty maybe that’d be a reality. O the unfettered optomism of youth. Gene Rodenberry’s got a lot to answer for.

name: Jon
url: www.core.org.au
date: 2003-02-03-19-14
I am pretty sure that the result of the experiments would have been sent. I actually did some space camp time in Houston in ’93 which included a few “mission days” in various labs and stuff.

Hillariously when we arrived at Spacecamp the previous Aussies there were sent hom becaus ethey climbed a 20m tall model of the shuttle =) Beats me how they did it considering the damn thing is sitting on 7m pylons.
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name: yak sox
email: yaksox@spouting.net
url: www.spouting.net
date: 2003-02-03-20-26
Wow. Space camp eh? You musta done pretty good in computer science to land a gig like that. (or was it work related?)
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name: SirFlakey
url: www.core.org.au
date: 2003-02-03-22-40
wasn’t really performance based – just a $3000 total cost for a week or two =) .. I am slightly embarrased to say I won a “Right Stuff Award” though lol =). Basically they let you choose upon arrival weather you want to be an engineer , pilot, scientist or doc. and then you’re tasks are kind of ordered around your choice .. predictably I went for engineer – (I am starting to feel like a Dilbert clone here =).)
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name: Jay
url: www.mowabi.com/
date: 2003-02-03-23-27
What a crack up!!!!! Space camp!

That is sooo cool in a very geeky kinda way 🙂

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