Friends of Sideburns

I decided to join them. Or I would if there were such an organisation. The gumment says I’ve got to do backburns in my side burns. And construct service tracks. I says it’s too late for that.
But seriously, I was reading an old copy of Lot’s Wife, the monash student mag. here and it puts it that you only see mutton chops out in the country nowadays. And it’s true! Man they look good. It occurs to me that my -at present – attempt at sideburns is pathetic. I just don’t put the time in. I always wanted them to end in the triangular fashion (as far as I know) trail-blazed by the young capt. Kirk. Actually, the style lived on through the other series’ too.

Using my brother, ssschew’s datamachine. It’s really a mess. I’d be doing him a favour by wiping the whole thing and installing linux. I think he’d be impressed when he got back from melbourne at the end of the weekend. Poor little bugger – there’s nothing to do in colac of a weekend so he goes up there. Poor little bugger. Heheheheh. He’s working out; he has weights in his room. hehehhe… poor little bugger.

Had a pretty cruisey trip down. The easiest way is to catch a bus to deakin then walk out to the highway. The 1st year noobs were swarming deakin. I didn’t realise they got into it so early. And who should I hitch a lift with? Big Ears, who I hadn’t seen for almost a year. Thankfully he’s not quite so angry these days — on account of Labor winning the last state election and promising to cut with the logging in the Otways.
I said – but don’t you think it’s a cop-out saying that they’ll put it into action sometime after the next election? But he seems to think that there’s no way the Liberals will be able to get their shit together even by then.

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