(don’t) stop fidgeting

This might make you feel uncomfortable – e-thrombosis; that’s right, too much potatoing in front of the monitor and bammo. iThrombosis sound better, but they’d probably have to clear it with apple. It says get up from the datamachine at least once an hour. Hmmph. I’m lucky if I can sit here for 15 minutes straight – and that ‘s non-homework season even.

That last episode of the x-files was average. Too much bombast. In hindsight, they really should’ve killed it when duchovny left.

Had some luck at the library this arvo – found the soundtrack to ‘The Hard Word’ – Dave Thrussell; one of my all time fave musicians. The soundtrack shows him well as more of a composer than a fiddler of electronic knobs. Will take a couple more listens of it to get a proper feel. I read an interview in RRR’s subscriber magazine, The Trip by the guy who hosts that show ‘Incoming’ – he was talking to Thrussell mainly about the making of the soundtrack. If I actually had the mag. I’d scan it in, but alas, it wasn’t mine. It was good because he keeps a pretty low profile and he hardly talks at all on his own radio show on PBS.

Am a tad scattered today. Graham virulent memes linked me back which is fantastic. But a few weeks ago I was fiddling around under the MovableType dashboard attempting to eliminate visits via wacky search strings — these generally only come because the full monthly archives are taken as one document. So I told the robots not to visit the monthly slabs. But the daily and monthly pages work off the same template. Google just stuck up its Feb. index and now I’m not getting any google-traffic at all. I suppose it’s not such a big deal, but it was weeks ago when I did that – and for some unknown reason it only occurred to me last night just as I was about to crash out for the evening — out of nowhere the thought comes that ‘oh, maybe nothing will be indexed’.

I’m off to ‘The Ranch’ for a day or two tomorrow.

name: Jay
url: www.mowabi.com/
date: 2003-01-30-23-57
yeah x-files.. i liked the “good old” x-files when there were lots of freaks of nature.. the worm man, the fire man, the inbred family… they were cool.. not all this alien conspiracy crap
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name: yak sox
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date: 2003-01-31-10-18
Yes. I was meaning to put some more things down about the show. By the time i got to writing all the things i was thinking had dried up.
It’s not that when duchovny left the show got boring because of that. i actually liked dogget. But the scripts got thinner and thinner.
Sure there’s a million bizarre and conspiracy related story ideas out there, but the truth is that not many people care for all of them.
That’s the other thing. A few years ago – or maybe 5 years ago, when the uttered that phrase “the truth” it meant something, or i, the veiwer, was acutually interested in finding out what they meant by ‘the truth’.
That last ep. – and all this last season, the truth meant nothing at all, and was bandied around way too much.
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name: Monkey
url: iamthemonkey.com/blog/
date: 2003-01-31-15-15
I didn’t want to watch the last episode, I thought they’d tie everything up in a neat little parcel, and that’s what they did. That’s not what the X-files I know and love was about. Of course, I’m one of those ones that stopped watching after the 5th season or so. It got crap.

(Am redesigning just for you. Because I love you. mwah. You’re a well-kept secret, you know. One day you’ll triumph. One day… )
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name: yak sox
url: www.spouting.net
date: 2003-01-31-23-39
Flattery will get you everywhere.

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