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Just clarifying – if yesterday you didn’t go check out the excitement machine website, then go straight through this link and grab those two 30second .mp3s down the bottom. Damn it’s catchy. And it might drive me mad, so by encouraging you to also listen to these jingles I am hoping I will have some company.

Also it was a bit dumbish of me to refer to jean as ‘her’. I’d hate for that to be misconstrued as bitterness. I’m not bitter, was just having a moment of sadness — that album reminded me most of travelling around south australia just over a year ago. And then today i watched this doco about the history of mining in australia, and Burra was shown, and this also reminded me of the holiday. And i think ‘well that was a nice time, why can’t there be nice time now?’ but it’s not even a question, it’s just just a moan from a little part of my mind that doesn’t get how Things Change, and, Time Moves On.
But gollly Burra was a nice place. I remember as a kid getting dragged around this and that ‘historical village re-creation’ – and I didn’t appreciate it much at all — all those places smelt funny and the clothes that people wore back then seemed ridiculous and sucky. We lived only an hour’s drive from Flagstaff Hill (a ‘living’ maratime museum). And Sovereign Hill was always just a stinking-hot Sunday afternoon’s drive away. Wherever we lived it was always the same distance away. True story.
It’s probably because those places were just recreations that let me down. Seeing the real thing in Burra was different. The walls on the cottages were a foot and a half thick. So I start to take on an appreciation of buildings and the building style from that era.
There were other towns in the doco that exploded (population wise) in a similar fashion, like Broken Hill. I ain’t never been there.

KDE 3.1 final is out. I’m waiting for preconfigured mandrake packages before I start grabbing. The kde link is down there on the right…
A shame to see that Opera probably aren’t going to produce a browser for Mac anymore. Apple is worse off for it.

name: Jay
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date: 2003-01-30-13-09
While in general i see change as a good thing.. it’s funny how i resist it so much sometimes. Dwelling on “the good old days” is such a common past time.
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name: yak sox
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date: 2003-01-30-16-30
Aye, but one has to live through them for them to become good, old. Same applies to today.

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