where’d the cheese go?

This is interesting; this fellow got the plum of all jobs, working for google. He says Spencer Kimball works there too, I wonder if he still does stuff for the GIMP?

After looking at der fotoblogs yesterday i decided to go for a walk today. This foto came out okay. It looks like a mouse in a wheelchair ie. a wheely-mouse.


Flippin’ around last night i came across the Excitement Machine blog. There’s lots of neat stuff there, including a whole bunch of funky 70s black-person’s magazine ads and links to cheesy ween song downloads. If you’re feeling hollow inside, these things won’t fix that up, but they will distract for a moment or two.
I listened to the Gotan Project album this morning and got the blues about the relationship break-up a couple of months back. It was her CD, I ripped it before I left. (I knew that’d backfire.) The blues on a bright sunny day … life’s like that.

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