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I’ve added a few more people to the right hand column. Have been cuttin’ by Emmajane.net for a while now, via tripledoubleyou. She talks about linux sometimes, and can be an inneresting read.
Yin yang; which yoshi (aka phony ) is a part of, is going again after some kind of holiday from the internet. Congrats to yoshi for getting into what must be a fairly sought after spot in software development studies.
Also, Graham of virulent memes, who I’ve been reading off and on for a fair while. He’s in Albury and most always has something to say about everything. Ya gotta admire that kind of opinionation. ;^)
Actually, via v.memes today i had a look at this: a linux switch ad. A bit of a larf. Because of the Flash situation I’ve had – I haven’t seen any of the switch ads — I may have to dig back sometime.

I’ve just been having a trawl of the eatonweb port hole to see what I could see in the way of french weblogs written in english, but there’s not much there. I suppose I had to expect that, what – with french being the main language there and all. However i did come across two examples of the phenomenon known as the ‘foto-blog’.
There’s a fella called Alan in strasbourg who has a fotoblog, and the pictures are pretty good, what’s more he has unselfishly placed them all in the public domain. At present i can’t really think how such fotos could be re-used but I’m sure something will pop into mind.
There’s also the 9:9am log where the central idea is that a foto is taken by the author each morning at nine past nine in the morning (kind of like the movie ‘Smoke’).

I watched the superbowl today. It was pretty crappy. i want my 4.5 hours back. Have been in a rather sedimentary phase of late. Sometimes this can be okay when i can be okay with it, but I’m not. i feel like there’s things to be done, so this week i shall get my arse into gear.

name: SirFlakey
url: www.core.org.au
date: 2003-01-29-18-12
Yoshi has my #1 all time favorite handles .. “Phony Bolognese” ..It just opens up the mind to sooo many pictures =).
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name: JM
url: www.blog.9online.fr
date: 2003-01-29-22-03
Hi Spouting,
Nice to put a link to my blog.
Hope koala are ok, here in Paris there is not that much!
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name: yak sox
email: yaksox@spouting.net
url: www.spouting.net
date: 2003-01-29-23-11
Yes, it’s a cryptic one alright. I hope he tells a bit about what it’s like studying software dev. via yin/yang.

Hi JM. :^) Last time i saw a koala, it looked like it was doing fine. Thanks for making the effort to write your blog entries in english as well as french.
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name: Alan Cowderoy
url: www.cowderoy.com/cgi-bin/alan/blo¬Ö
date: 2003-01-30-07-53
Hi, its the Alan from strasbourg. I’m not sure how/why anybody would want to use the photos either but I suppose that’s part of the point.

If you don’t say anything about copyright that automaticaly means that people have *no* right to use the pictures. Not what I wanted. The creative commons licences all seem to me either like legal overkill or just being half hearted and not just sticking it in the public domain.

When it comes down to it I just don’t much agree with copyright.

Glad you liked the pictures, best of luck with your web log.

Alan Cowderoy
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name: yak sox
email: yaksox@spouting.net
url: www.spouting.net
date: 2003-01-30-09-12
Hi Alan, thanks for popping back through. t’is refreshing to find you put some thought into the licensing of your work. I like the Creative Commons licenses if only for the fact that if McDonalds or Coca Cola or Stephen King wanted to schnaffle something of mine — then they should pay for it, because they’ve got the money to do so.

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