“Hello and welcome…

to the Eighth plane of Hell. My name’s Mephistopheles, I’ll be your waiter this morning. Now, can I offer you a nice hot bowl of HOT!? HA HA HA HA HHA HA HA HA!”

That’s pretty much the scene here in southern victoria today. The weather dingleberries said it was going to be 42degrees Celcius, and for once I think they’ll get it right. Talking to Ma on the telling-bone last night – she was going into work today to do overtime because they have an air conditioner – a wise move.
I battened down the hatches at 6 this morning but even then the air outside was warmer than it was in. It’s days like this i wish there was some kind of land bridge to tasmania.

I watched that movie Sliver on telly last night. Nice idea, poorly executed. It’s amazing how much of a yardstick computer hardware is. Everything else in a movie can look very much present day, then I see a PC in the background of a shot and — ooh — how 1993. But that’s an aside.
The movie was based on a book, and I imagine that this book was the first to raise the issue of present day voyeurism, how society has been changed by what we know as ‘surveillance’ and maybe even where the term ‘reality tv’ was coined.
But I hope that the characters and parts of the plot weren’t as dodgey in the book as the were in the movie. The ‘twists’ didn’t work at all, and surely the lead woman character would’ve been a bit more disgusted to learn that the entire building was completely wired. Maybe the issue of privacy has become more important now that we realise the invasivness of all this surveillance. But it still made me think that this, supposedly 35 year old character, was more like 18.

I better get back to that bowl of Hot; it’s getting cold.

PS. you can tell how hot it is here just from my sheer lack of ability to proofread this bugger.

name: SirFlakey
url: www.core.org.au
date: 2003-01-25-15-05
Ditto here – I have retreated into the confines of work – for it’s net connection speed AND ice cold air conditioning =).
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name: Jay
url: www.mowabi.com/
date: 2003-01-26-16-42
just ducked in from pool side myself.. though it’s starting to cool a bit now.. certainly never reached 42!

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