When I was at the peace thingo on saturday I got vox popped by a lad from the local rag, the geelong advertiser, which is owned by some New Zealand concern, which is in turn owned by the evil News Corp. It was on australia’s involvement with the iraq thing. I said ‘I don’t agree with it, it’s more about greed than justice’ – and click-click they took a couple of fotos. I didn’t get much time to think about it. Although that’s pretty much what i think, I just wish I’d added the word ‘corporate’ in there, corporate greed — that sounds so much more hardcore.
I think the journalist boy must have been a work experience student, he seemed really chuffed that I’d actually talk to him. I was surprised that I got in there today. I thought they’d do 20 or something then pick the 5 or 6 they liked best. I was surprised that pretty much all the responses were against any action in Iraq, except for on that kind of sounded neutral. What? No, “Killl ’em all an’ let god sort ’em out” ? This is, after all, geelong.
Anyway I was all excited about scrap-booking it onto here – but the moire’s a killer. I just found this page on how to deal with it, so maybe I’ll give those suggestions a go tomorrow.

I went and saw the career counsellor today. Frankly, I’m still not a hell of a lot clearer on future direction, but I have some leads to follow up. This would’ve been so much simpler if i’d wanted to be a fireman or a milkman.
They were putting some new hardware into the acer hole — that is the main science computer laboratory. I don’t see how they can call it a laboratory when it’s just a big hole in the ground with datamachines in it where people write essays and instant message eachother from across the room – I mean hole.

I see Open Office dot Org have released 1.0.2. I’ll have to grabby-grab it tomorrow.
Was muckin’ around a little more with Lycoris yesterday. It’s a mystery – I can’t figure out why the dial-up connection cuts out after (just under) 2 hours. It’s pretty consistant. I thought updates might fix it, or fiddling with the KPPP set up, but no.
Am a bit disconcerted about how un-intuitive all of the CD burning programs are in Linux. All of them. i did a back up of the /home directory, but had to cart it through to Windows to do it, which just ain’t good enough.

There’s a little poll over at Mowabi at the moment about star trek crews which got me thinking about this article I’d read a while back, entitled The Sword and the Starship by Amy H Sturgis which goes into a detailed comparrison of all the star trek series’ (except Enterprise, because it was written before then) and what it calls ‘arthuriana’ – which is the legends of King Aurthur, and things surrounding that like the holy grail.
It was printed in the fiirst (and only) issue of Winedark Sea — which was mainly fiction – and most of it excellent, but a couple of non-fiction pieces too – one being this. A very interesting read.
One category I’ll eventually get going is “other people’s stuff” and I wouldn’t mind attempting to contact this person to see if I could re-tap this essay out so that everyone could read it. As far as I know, this obscure little journal is the only place it’s printed. It’s a shame Winedark’s not released anything more. Their webstie’s been sitting like a duck for two years now.

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