pea strain

I’ve kind of started categories. I think the two there will probably be all. I thought of maybe a music, or more broadly – kulcha one, but thing get stuck into pidgeon holes too much already.
Just read an interview with scott mcnealy. Either I’m very tired or he’s on something – he makes more wacky parallelisms than me after too much coffee.
None of the efforts to download freebsd or any other OS to mess with have worked. Bit of a shame. I don’t have the patience to keep trying.

Went to a ‘peace picnic’ organised by the greens today. It was pretty small – they’d only decided to do it a week earlier. Bumped into an old commie friend who’s burrowed himself into a nice academic position these days. He was saying that i could do a job teaching English in Japan with just the bachelor o’ arts degree. Another, mutual, commie friend is over there doing that at the moment. The whole idea made my ears prick up — the elusive white collar — and good money too, apparently. Something unpredictable like that is just what could happen to me. Japan; home of Bashõ, zen master Takuan, and the 5, 6, 7, 8’s.
I saw them play at melb. uni O week in ’93 or ’94. Man can they scream, and rock, and scream. I could post entries to here via a mobile PDA from the top of mountain Fuji while reciting Gary Snyder and drinking green tea.
I do this y’know – I get an idea in my head and play around with it for a week and daydream — then drop it.

name: Jay
date: 2003-01-19-12-30
Funnily enough, I have been looking into teaching overseas myself.. i have considered Singapore, Japan and Hong Kong. I hear that HK kicked all the expats out in 2000 (or whenever that going back to china thing happened) and now they are keen to get teachers back again – so you can get a pretty good deal. Though I am thinking the shoe box lifestyle in HK might be a bit much to bear

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