rat-paddled life raft

Have been making a few attempts at downloading a FreeBSD mini ISO through the week – and may have got it properly today. Opera’s the only thing I’ve found that’lll resume a transfer but it doesn’t like me flippiin’ around while it’s busy attempting to grab a 220mb file. i’ve never tried free-bsd.
This also means firing up the cd burner – which i haven’t bothered with since the last huge debacle a few months back – him bad big hurt.

I can recognise a nutter quicker than i can click my fingers. There was one in the fish n’ chip shop this evening. It’s probably the way they eyeball without reservation. Or perhaps it’s like crooks. One crook will always pick out another in a crowd. I definitely have an affinity with them. That was one of the ‘in hindsight’ thoughts about anglesea – it was just too small for me to feel comfortable. A town has to be big enough to have a population diverse enough to include one or two nutters — for me to fit in as well.
But who really are the insane – is it them because they start talkiing straight up – like that – to people they don’t know. Or offering their food to strangers. It’s funny how these things qualify as ‘no-nos’. Western society’s a bit rooted like that.

name: Jay
url: www.mowabi.com/
date: 2003-01-17-18-29
Ever had someone sit next to you on a bus or train .. or near you when the rest of the bus/train was empty? …we westerners certainly have a different sense of personal space
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name: crisp
url: www.crispyhead.org
date: 2003-01-17-18-43
have you ever had a guy sit next to you that talked to his thumb the whole train ride? this guy was telling his thumb off for something it had done and when he saw my aunt looking at him he put his thumb behind his other hand and started whispering his frustration behind his hand to the thumb….very funny and it made my day that much less mundane.

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