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Well, food at least. I’ve pretty much been a margarine man since, oh, as long as I can remember – but now i have found butter. It all started last week when i made a promite sandwich at an irregular time (9:30pm). I et it, thought it pretty damn tasty without knowing why, so made another. I think that happened 4 times. At that point, like any other normal person, I started thinking that perhaps the baker had accidentally dumped a shitload of opium into the dough. This would also account for why it was being sold at the “Not Quite Right” supermarket.
But no — it was the butter. That is, it was tasty (and untainted). Of course, it’s a hell of a lot easier to spread butter in this weather – but this winter i’m sticking it out with the butter. Someone should market a brand of butter called, ‘I can’t believe you’re still eating frikking margarine! — and it would display its statement to you as you reached for the tub of marg. in the slightly refrigerated section of your supermarket.
It even feels like its better for me. I listen hard and the internals can tell me the difference between good and bad oil things – coconuts is good, avocados is good, two dollars fitty of chips: not so good.. (no don’t take away the chips!). Last year I heard how – in the margarine factory when they make it – it’s GREY – they just add in the yellow colour later but at the time it still didn’t make any difference to me. Maybe i had some traumatic experience with butter as a child – so horrible that it was blocked from conscious memory and I somehow just got over it last week.

I haven’t rabbited on about music for a while because sometimes i feel like it so broad and atomised that I could mention four things that I was listening to and most people won’t of heard of any of it, let alone actually heard the stuff. But it’s not as if my tastes are that obscure, particularly of late.
I can’t stress how *wrong* it feels to be getting so much enjoyment/benefit out of council library property. Where are they getting the budget to be buying new CDs every week?
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – Orange -absolutely rocks. That guy’s got a voice like he’s the demented lovechild of Elvis and Fog Horn Leghorn. I borrowed another or theirs, but it didn’t rock as much, so i recommend the ‘orange’ one – which i think isn’t officially titled Orange — but it’s kinda like the beatles’ white album. It’s got a song called ‘orange’ on it and the actual cover’s silver.
I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to get into them. I was going through old scheduling notebooks from 95, 96 (golly i was busy back then) and noticed the word “Bellbottoms” scrawled several times in bubbled letters, so must’ve been aware of the Explosion to some level.
Also listening to little bits of older stuff of James Brown, The Dirty Three – Horse Stories (not bad, gotta be in the right mood) and a newy of Tom Waites’ – album titled ‘Alice’. his stuff will always go into the “it’s growing on me” category. I’ll probably come to appreciate it in 6 months time. As a bonus – it was completely new – which means no scratches – which means i ripped it. Oh dear! ;^)
Graham briefly mentioned the doco that was on last saturday night on The Pixies. Hearing/Seeing little bits of them performing live sent little shivers up my spine. They have a big part in my musical memory. I bought Bossa Nova when i was 16 or 15, then doolittle — and they invoke good memories of that period – they’re more upbeat than Sonic Youth. I’m gonna try pinging graham to see if this trackback actually works.

name: Jay
date: 2003-01-16-11-20
I have always thought that butter tastes better (i think that is a line in an add by Peter Russell Clark)… but must admit that the health thing alwyas played on my mind.

I have however been recently doing some research into Colloidal Silver and how a heap of people call it a miracle cure and an alternative antibiotic. On the flip side, there are those who claim that it causes argyria – a disease (or condition) that causes the skin to go grey (See stories about Rosemary Jacobs). Anyway, after a pile of reading, I am left none the wiser – it’s very difficult to know what is truly bad/good for you and what is just popular belief. Sadly, marketing and advertising often hold too much sway with the masses.
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name: Graham
date: 2003-01-16-18-59
Hi! Got the ping. The weird thing was that I was listening to Orange on Tuesday; a damned rocking record if there was one. A bit over the top for some, but hey.
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name: SirFlakey
date: 2003-01-16-19-30
My feeling – everything will turn out to be good for you in quantities that are “moderate” – ie butter up a loaf of bread and you might here the cholerterol alarm bells ringing, have a few slices of toast with butter and you’re going strong.

.. ok maybe everything but cigarettes. I can’t see how they would improve your health…
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name: yak sox
date: 2003-01-16-23-32
Moderation is good, but damn hard to achieve. :^P
I’d never heard about that stuff Jay – that was a pretty freaky story about that woman.
generally I use Nexus mag. as my crapfilter of what to have a closer look at/think about as far as what’s healthy and what’s not. I find it gets a bit heavy thinking about it all at once – but one little thing at a time (like ditching flouride toothpaste) is easier.

Hi graham – i’m glad the trackback is working (and that there are at least a few people in australia who have it enabled).
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name: Quanta
date: 2003-01-18-00-23
No, you have got it wrong, its grey till they add the sunshine.


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