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It’s funny how things dovetail in together at certain times. Like – eventhough I have that link to kuro5hin there on the right – it’s rare that I go take a look at what’s happening – but last night i did – and the same guy who submitted a short bit – just after christmas (on ‘rare-earth’ theory, among other things) has posted a whole 60, 000 word story called the metamorphosis of Prime Intellect. I’ve read a couple of chapters and it’s blowing me away. It’s all the same subject matter that I was dealing with in that assignment I stuck on here the other day. The whole book’s a download of a zip there at the link.

name: tony
date: 2003-01-15-18-28
Whoah there mumma!

Thanks for that link. Now I have something *really* interesting to read before uni starts again in March.

What’s better is that I don’t have to pay $19.95 @ ‘Collins Bookstores’ for the pleasure.

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