barbecue light

We here finally got a little little taste of what new south walesians have been getting loads of the last two summers — in the form of mutey smoked-glass sunlight. This morning the light was orange like the inside of an oven – or barbecue samboy chips. Bits of gippsland were on fire yesterday, apparently.

I haven’t given up on this ‘give me a job’ thing. But for the first time in my life i’m gonna try and get a job that I actually like (and what pays money too). I was telling t1e the other day – that i have this terrible block in my head that says that if people have to pay me to do a job then ther must be something wrong with it. I went out to deakin today and got me an appointment with the career counsellor to find out what type of people would be interested in someone with these skills what I’m studying. I still really have no idea. The gumment? Telstra?(ug.)
The limitation is that I’m going back to full time study in a month and a half.

SF at Core did a little post about photoshop tennis. Apart from some of the use of text (which mostly looked wanky and meaningless) in the pieces – some of them looked nice – and I just want to grab the and chop them up. I tell ya – it’s only a matter of time before there’s some form of resampling bits of web to create new bits of web – either cut-ups of text – Burroughs style – or of graphics. I’m sure I read something somewhere about there already being examples of electronic fotomontage.

Of late I’m being really taken aback by the graphic side of the web – via the funnel of the google image search – it throws up the most unlikely little gems and nuggets. Even the little size I like. I’m going to make a page and catalogue all the little pictures I stick on the side. The thing is – a quarter of the time when I follow the link to take a look at where they came from – and the page is gone — so in a couple of months even these little pictures will drop off the google catalogue, which is a bit of a tradge. The littleness cuts out detail and leaves room for the imagination — like songs with no lyrics. What McLuhan would’ve called ‘cool’ media. Instead of wading through oodles of text (like this ;^)) loaded with angle and spin – the picture is just there.
The bringing of the scanner and digital camera to the masses sure has been a revolutionising thing to the net – and I wonder if in a while – fatter bandwidth, digitial film cameras, and mega-sized hard disks will be the next thing.

name: Quanta
date: 2003-01-14-01-38
Ah, the dready fires are smitting ye to.

B.B.Q Samboy chips, waxing lyrically aren’t you?

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name: Jay
date: 2003-01-14-13-05
I always find it ironic that fire and the pollution it creates can cause such interesting, surreal and often beautiful effects in the sky

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