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I’m running out of titles. Sometimes having one just doesn’t fit. I heard that ‘oversized gourmet kitchens’ on an ad. for those house + land packages. Instead of oversized i reckon they should’ve gone with humungus.
Speaking of house and land packages my buddy, t1e, who got me the horror-sleepwalking job showed up this morning. He had a bunch of scratchies with him. He can’t scratch them at home because his wife doesn’t approve. Most things appear bizarre to me before I’ve had my morning coffee – and this did. I’m susceptible to most everything else but gambling’s never floated my boat.

I’ve been in a real tv mood the last while. I watched ‘airport ’75’ last night and i have no idea why. All Charlton Heston does is yell! Charlton Heston!? Good Grief. And then yesterday uh the tv uh turned itself on – it wanted me to watch the cricket. “No, I’m playing on computer” i say, but it stayed on knowing that sooner or later it’d get me.
Cricket is, in any other circumstance, not my cup of tea — but there was this Sri Lankan dude, the captain; Sanath Jaya-something batting — and he was smashing balls around and in general just really rockin’ it. Then when it got to bowling he did that really well too – got a bunch of people out. And i was happy for him because he’s a bonehead like me. Jan 9 2003, boneheads of the world: score- 1.

I think I’ve just had a bad run as far as choosing books to read – the last few weeks have been reading Marco Polo – the travels – another one that falls into the ‘okay but not gripping’ category.

Lately everytime i do something watering related in the backyard i get completely soaked. This is another of those things i can’t figure out. Even turning on a sprinkler system – invariably i have to walk into it to fix something and end up completely wet.

It was awful nice for The Flood story to get a plug at Core but – I just html-ised something that’s way more up core-ites’ alley – the last technocultures assignment grandly titled, ‘Is science ready to create its own god?‘ — looking at A.I and its future.

name: Jon
date: 2003-01-10-20-49
Ahh consider it posted =)
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name: yak sox
date: 2003-01-12-11-06
Thanks Jon. :^)

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