lord of the calamari rings

I finally get to the cinema. There are details.

Firstly I agree wholly with Jay at Mowabi and SirFlakey at Core — Gollum was the best actor. In the first movie there was just one or two quick shots of him which didn’t look right – some fish-eye focus thing. But he stole the show this time ’round. He looked just as I’d imagined him – and it was the best display of computer generated stuff I’ve seen yet. The facial expressions were extraordinary. And yeah – the conversations with himself were done well.
I really dug the line, “What is Tay-ters precious? What is tayters?”

As SF says – it was a war movie – there was very little dialogue for such a long movie. It makes me wonder what the average schmo on the street thought of it.

I’d always visualised Rohan to be a lot flatter — rolling grass plains or steppe. Dry – (as it was in the movie) but not rocky or hilly. And was that Billy B-B-Babbit as Wormtongue?
And Gimli still isn’t getting as much of a look in as I reckon he should. Dwarves were supposed to be awesome fighters — troll-slayers n’ such. I don’t think he should’ve got stuck under that wolf. Sure the movie needs comic relief but maybe they could share it around a bit more instead of yet another ‘dwarf-tossing’ line.

I thought Frodo and Sam were actually more palatable this time around. Maybe my attention was being taken by Gollum during those scenes. The guy playing frodo did the, ‘I got the Ring and I’m a zombified smackoid because of it’ bit well.

It’s been a few years since I read the books but I didn’t think that gandalf went ‘white’ til a lot later. It’s like he’s giving away the secret too early of how powerful or extra-human he is by saying “I’ve lived for 300 mens’ lifetimes”.
The Ents were about what I was expecting, but then I was expecting a lot — same overall — I’d go with the “As Expected” prognosis.

name: Jay
url: www.mowabi.com
date: 2003-01-07-16-03
What did you think about Legolas? I reckon that they had him doing some stupid stuff… like sakting down a flight of stairs on a shield.. and they way he jumps onto a.. horse(??) at one point. Was getting a bit Mission Impossible there.

But as you say.. was as expected.
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name: yak sox
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date: 2003-01-07-20-53
That jumping onto the horse shot was weird – but I was thinking from the logic of it – it looked like he was lifted up there by some magical force.
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name: anonymous
url: www.crispyhead.org
date: 2003-01-07-21-17
yeah i think they havent formed legolas’ character yet, he’s still the dude with the arrow and blonded hair, nothing much else yet….
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name: SirFlakey
url: www.core.org.au
date: 2003-01-07-21-28
I didn’t mind Legolas, ok so he’s a little “street style” with his moves, for a guy that has supposingly lived for a a near eternity anyway. I dislike the interaction between Sam and Frodo..I am certain the movie was sponsored by Kleenex or something – If these guys get any more soppy …

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