Via awholelottanothing Lego is making basketball players. I always thought one of the great things about lego was its flexibility. By adding a ‘2-bit’ into the waist of a person you can make them taller. I wonder why Lego didn’t do that by default with these?

One of Jeremiah Newbie‘s friends, emmajane has started a page titled Linux for the Faint of Heart, which seems like a good idea. Has been interesting reading someone getting going with Linux because its stability was geniunely needed and its benefits in a programing sense.

This morning I woke 17 minutes before I was supposed to be at the supermarket. And amazingly, i made it there on time. Just threw on some clothes, shaved quickly and split. No shower, no coffee. It didn’t seem to matter either and then when I got back here at 6:30am I was able to go straight back to sleep — woke up again at 9:30am like it was just a normal day.

Zey say he paces de aisles off supermarkets during de dead of night.

There is an up-side to it – and I should make note of it – even if it’s just for myself. There’s no boss breathing down my neck, and unlike in the hardcore militaristic hospitality industry, near enough is indeed good enough. haha.
I still have the day to myself. I don’t have to travel far to get there. And it’s good in that being on austudy – I’ll get to keep all the cash instead of having to fork out a chunk of it to buy a submarine, or put whitey on the moon.

I should credit Tony because I schnaffled his tool-tip technique — as in putting title=”something here” in anchors. This is one of the things I was beseeching Opera to make work in their browser. It was there all along. i suspected as much. Also i had a spin of the Opera 7.0 for windows a while back and it has the .ico shortcut icon thing working, so hopefully the next version for Linux will too.

Gentoo 1.4 final should be available for d/load on the 14th of Jan. And Lycoris/LX is on the cover CD of PC User magazine. I’m not sure if I’ll give it a spin yet. It’s another of those things that if I wait I can borrow at the library.

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