Dodge City

The last few days i’ve had to dodge reviews of the two towers; the the visual, virtual equivelent of putting my hands over my ears and going, “la la la”. Not that i don’t appreciate a good review, but they influence my expectations too much. Anyway i was waiting for a go-ahead on the job-thing until setting a time to go to the cinema – but am starting thrursday, so should go to da mooviss today or tomorrow.

Cruised through town on saturday morning – was odddly quiet – i thought the place’d be awash with Bargain-Hunters. The freeway heading out of town towards the coast was jammed.
I’ve only bought one copy of australian personal computer magazine, but have been reading it a bit in the library. Despite if having those Jerry Springer-like subtitles through articles – you know those pun-ish tempters that catch the eye — despite that they seem to give a better wrap to Linux than PC World mag. They give it more coverage. There’s also what, at first, appeared to be the wholesale dumping of specs on the page – but as a mag. – it’s probably geared more toward the administators than home users – and there’s nothing wrong with that.
A couple of issues back they stuck an ‘updated’ version of the excellent Linux Pocketbook on their CD – as a .PDF file. I borrowed it from the library and had a look.
In the editorial they say have amazingly popular the last version of this little book was – it sold out everywhere and they did a reprinting. i would’ve thought this was reason enough to produce the next version (this one) also in book format, rather than as a PDF. A big part of what i like about them was that I could read it in bed or where ever – not stuck in front of the monitor.

In it they look at Mandrake 9 and Red Hat 8. Mandrake was included in the magazine before, but because of changes to Red Hats distribution policy – their distro can’t be copied and and included on mag. covers or places like everythingLinux anymore. Or at least they can’t call it ‘Red Hat’ if they do. So while the pocket book was sayiing, ‘here, these are the features of red hat’, they were expecting you to get a copy from somewhere else.
But –at last here were some people wwho agreed with me on Red Hat 8 being pretty dodgey and mandrake 9 being a better choice for the home user.
But I’m glad i didn’t go out of my way and buy the magazine specifically for this PDF, because it’s astonishingly identical to it’s predecessor – the 3rd ed. of the pocket book. The only thing they really changed was the editorial, and then throughout the book where it used to say “red hat 7.0 and mandrake 7.2” it now says “red hat 8.0 and mandrake 9.0”. And even then, there are some glaring typos where they’ve not even properly made that change – it still refers to 7.0 and 7.2.
It’s a good resource for the new Linux user – But i would’ve thought – heaps more accesible in paper format rather than PDF.

name: Quanta
date: 2002-12-31-13-14
I had been avoiding reveiws, till dad turned on the moive reveiw show (on SBS)…

So I went and saw it…

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