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Must write quickly – electrician coming to turn off power soon. Have been having trouble with one of the powerpoints here in bungalowland. Am starting to think that a telephone that relies on electricity is not such a fantastic idea. nice lookin’ phone though. Will stick a foto of it here later. I almost feel like sticking it in one of those clear plakky cake presentation things they have in cafes — and calling it the ______-phone. Blue flash? The bat-phone was red – yet batman didn’t wear red. hmm.
Y’know i did infact have aspirations to be a super hero at one point. Super-Hero. Of human endevours, that’s probably the first that ‘super’ was added to. They do it because there’s already so many people doing the normal type that they have to distinguish themselves somehow. Super-models, and the xfiles gives us super-soldiers. Ah… what’ll we do when everyone’s super?

Southern victoria finally gets a balmy night and i get nutso and zombiefied. There is no pleasing me.

Think I’ve just aboout reached saturation point with SBS docos. After two years or whatever of only seeing them through blizzards i caught up with one on IBM (I really like their early slogan- T H I N K – and was amazed to see that it’s founder somebody-Watson, really was very boring.), Martin Luther, economics, and Florence Nightingale, saddam hussein.
It’s pretty amazing how they can stretch four photos and several talking heads rabbiting on about they’re favourite obscure subject into 50 minutes of tv. And the bylines they give these heads – like ‘biographer’ – how am I supposed to know if that’s right? They could be somebody they hoisted in off the street and asked to read some cards. The Saddam one had some decent footage.

name: SirFlakey
date: 2002-12-29-17-03
Thomas Watson wasn’t really so boring – he (and IBM) got into serious hot water by trading with Nazi Germany. (see
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name: yak sox
date: 2002-12-30-08-55
Oh yes, I’d forgot that bit already: the nazi stuff – that really got my ears pricked up.
I’d read somewhere else that Ford motor company did that too. They were selling trucks to Germany at the same time that american soldiers were advancing across France.
Was interesting to hear the technical side of how they funneled the money to Switzerland for the duration of the war.

Pretty amazing how they’ve always been at the head of the pack too. It’s one thing to have a brilliant idea that ensures success for one generation – like with the card punch machines, but then there was this that you mentioned, and something else i read about them developing a monitor or TV screen that produces a picture so clear that it’s indistinguishable from the real thing.

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