roast vegetables & cheap chocolate

Well I’m splittin’ for The Plains in a couple of hours. I haven’t exactly psyched myself into a state of high tolerance – will just have to wait and see how things go. Christmas for me isn’t all that bad – well not as bad as Monkey’s sound :^) — but it can be fraying. It hasn’t seemed the same since i stopped eating meat. What i do like is getting back to where ever i live on boxing day and watching the kick off of the syndey -> hobart – partly because it signals i am back where i can do things the way i want and partly because i like watching a little yacht racing — they’re like push bikes – a relatively (environmentally) clean form of racing things.

Next time I tap away into here it’ll either be from the dead of morning or from the library. On a slightly related note – Telstra suck so much it hurts. how is it that they can be still half owned by ‘the public’ but be able to charge $5.50 if you pay their bill a day late (whereas no other public service like the electrics or water do not) — but also half privately owned while owning the damned infrastructure; the wires on the street, so that no other company can compete with them and offer a better on monthly phone charges. The line rental fee part of the monthly bill is outrageous. And GST sucks too.
A rat done bit my sister Nell
and whitey’s on the moon.

Have a nice day tomorrow.

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