On our uniqueness

Just read an excellent piece of short science fiction here at K5. Has got me a hankering for some more spacey reading. It’s about how rare it could be to find another planet similar to Earth, and then how proximity to a star (like the sun) can be a double-edged sword.
It’s interesting how, now with so much more scientific understanding, the ‘space opera’ type science fiction which doesn’t base itself on hard fact – just doesn’t stand up. Or at least, that’s the way I see it. The author of this piece I just read could be talking made up mumbo-jumbo — but to unscientific me, it sounded plausible — and it’s the plausablility that gets me thhinking, “wow, this could really be possible” compared to other more fantastic stories where a wormhole (or whatever else) has been thrown in as a plot device instead of it being a real possibility that they exist.

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