Vuurrring in the supermarket

Yesterday I had a serious rethink about changing to the phposxom set up. The idea of it – and blosxom – is simplicity. It supposed to cut away all the doo-dads and leave you with the esssentials of a blogging system. I was missing the point and spending ages trying to bolt all the bits back. Anyway – I realised I can’t do without all the jumble stuff – stats, search, comments and whatever else. So am going to stay with moveable type. i was just a bit annoyed about the license it was with – but what can ya do – i don’t really think I’ll be making money off of this thing. It’s preety damn imaginative to think that i could.

Went for a ride on my bike this morning through the burbs to the House of Junk. It’s like a warehouse attatched to a rubbish depot. I was searching for a kettle cord which wasn’t found, but there was heaps of other great junk there. I have no room or money for it. They had a hardened movie poster/ wall hanging thing of ‘Star Trek II – the search for spock’. I think it was a screen print – definitely not the glossy paper type of thing they all are now.
Great to get back on the bike. It’s a bit rusted after two years of ocean air but still as comfortable and cruisey as ever. I couldn’t really ride it in anglesea on account of the waay-steep slopes and it only having three gears.

A buddy of mine, T1ee, has got me a job. What? ..But i can’t work – that’s what normal people do. It’ll turn me into a Normal!
This is something I have to get over. I think I’ll be alright. It’s cleaning supermarkets – early in the morning -like 3am. He says I’ll hurt where i never thought I had muscles. Because of using the floor buffer etc. Haha! Me with a floor buffer – now that I gotta see. I can seriously use the money though. With all this moving/re-sorting and chucking stuff out – I came across an old bank statement from 6 or 7 years ago. i was getting more money then – on the dole — than I am now on austudy. Finding that out floored me for a little bit.
The hours don’t bother me since I have no social life whatesoever at the moment.
I’m already imagining the product purchases I’ll be able to make with my dough. (Ooo goody! Stuff!). But i imagine what i’d get even when there’s no prospect of dough. I’d dearly love to rip the guts out of Juggernaut and start again. A good quality power supply and some super quiet fans. Then a Pentuim based motherboard…. it goes on.
The reality is – I need pants.

I just found out that FreeCiv can be played against the komputer (as well as online against people). Apart from a couple of the interfaces being a little clunky – it’s pretty much the same game as Civilisation. A cool way to spend a 34 degree saturday arvo.

name: Quanta
date: 2002-12-22-08-58
Yeah the jumble stuff is what converted me from blogger to M.T.

I have enjoyed MT a whole lot more then evil blogger.

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