one mid-morning…

Three Tibetan monks stand around inspecting eachother’s newly, closely shaved heads with awe and admiration – making ‘aww’ and ‘yaa’ sounds.
One of them holds x-brand hair clippers. They speak in Tibetan —
subtitles :
“if it were allowable for me to express pride, then I would do so for this cut”
“I will be the envy of all my brothers at the monastery” says another.

Cut to american accented voice over —
“For a cut or shave that’ll give you a feeling second only to the supreme state of Nirvana itself, Use x-brand electric shavers and clippers. Ask for them by name. X-brand.”

Cut to close shot of one monk, head bowed slightly running clippers over his own head. He turns the clippers off, looks up, runs a hand over his head and with smile says to camera —
[vocal expression of supreme realistaion – facial expression of cosmic oneness.]
I wonder if Remington would buy it?

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