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I’m thinking I’ll wait til that day before new years day before changing over scripting systems. Kind of makes sense – new year, new look.

This morning in the supermarket a small old lady asked me if i spoke Macedonian.
“Sorry?” I say
“You spik Macedonia?”
“No.” I say really surprised and disappointed that I don’t. i don’t really look like i come from macedonia, so maybe she thought that i looked cluey enough to know Macedonian but not actually be from there. I’d like to think that anyway.

I’d planned to give a couple of chairs away the brotherhood et st. lawrence and they came around yesterday to pick them up – but hadd a look at them and there was a couple of small rips in the fabric. So they say they won’t take them – occ. helf and safety thing, they say.
‘People stick pins and nasty things in them. Not you of course. But you know.” I bet he says ‘not you of course’ to everyone.
The chairs are now sitting out the front with signs on them saying ‘take me!’.

I got christmas shopping out of the way this morning. One thing those old people have got worked out is getting into town and getting things done early in the day. I wasn’t that quick off the mark, but i really tried.

Tony has a heckler. Neat!

name: Ron Sones
email: srdsgolf@
url: http://
date: 2003-04-01-10-18
need approx 300 chairs for church
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name: yak sox
date: 2003-04-01-16-14
Sorry Ron, can’t help ya. Those chairs are long gone, and there was only two of em anyway. Try the op-shop. Or better yet — get your church to start up an op-shop.
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name: Rev. Thomas l. Biddle
email: Hope8711@
url: http://
date: 2003-05-22-01-14
looking for chairs to borrow for wedding? i call my old school they said they could not help?
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name: yak sox
date: 2003-05-22-08-50
Heh. He said ‘old school’.

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