Creative Commons -a way forward?

During the last month or so while having a look at what matt a.whole had to say I’ve seen him mentioning this creative commons thing and I’ve thought yeah-yeah-legal-stuff .. boring. Whatelse is here?
But i’ve been having a read though the site and it’s Interesting — I don’t know why i didn’t cotton onto what the idea was sooner. These people have put together a few different licenses which material (intelectual property) can be released under. These new licenses add stepping stones between copyright as we know it — and right up the other end of the spectrum; the GNU GPL – which most humans on this planet think is too hardcore.

I’ve never been a big fan of copyright. I remember at school (the writing + editing bit) they told us that more often than not copyright ends up helping the little people – not the soulless corporations – but i don’t really see it. Personally – I don’t need helping.
The same way that in theory modern science is supposed to be about people making discoveries individually, then sharing their knowledge for the universal progression of science — and also human living conditions as a whole — I’d like to see creative endeavours go this way too — where’s there’s less ‘cult of the individual’ and more combining, remixing, sampling and bouncing off of eachother to collectively create something really amazing.

But anyway – these new licenses aren’t about destroying copyright – more like giving people more options as to how their stuff can be used. Listening to an interview with DJ Shadow a couple of weeks ago it occurred to me how antiquated copyright is – it doesn’t work well at all when it comes to today’s art, culture – and how electronic mediums purvey these things.
The GNU GPL was pretty much only written with software in mind, so I’ll be happily hooking my stories ans stuff to one of these new licenses as soon as they’re legit within australia. I really believe that the only way to keep a hold of something is to give it away. And that’s why it breaks my little heart when i trawl through countless mediocre weblogs “Stacey said such-and-such LOLzzzz” etc. and then down the bottom i see a ©

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