life during boomtime

There’s some fun stuff on the CD of the current pc world mag, including some short videos from the ’50s. They were lifted from the movie archive. The really funny ones are ‘personal grooming (below (as you’ll notice, the young lady’s blouse is untucked etc. which I’m sure you’ll agree is truly preposterous)), ‘are you popular?’ and ‘duck and cover’.

“But wait a minute young lady, how did you get into this picture?”

I can’t help but think that life would’ve been pretty swell as a youngster in the ’50s – but that’s probably because I wasn’t there.

I got some good news in that the daytime internet connection has a week longer to it than was previously thought. [insert original exclaimation here.] I’m running out of them. really – I am.

Also, I see that Jon of Jon@MacGenius has started a seperate web log. Good stuff. I finally get to see some of those paintings I’ve occasionally heard about. :^)
It would behoove all you mac users out there to sit up straight and listen to the MacGenius once in a while!

name: SirFlakey
date: 2002-12-17-20-24
hahaha. I was wondering weather you read your referrer logs =). Yep I decided that Wiki is just to esoteric for most and hence I have moved to MT as a possible “thought-distribution-medium”. Don’t be fooled by the MacGenius domain though .. that was just something that I tried Apple to support me with =) which they didn’t so I am using it for my stuff, Just a Mac User – no Genius … by far =).
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name: yak sox
date: 2002-12-17-23-45
Yeah, I was starting to get that impression with the Wiki – after normal web set-ups it kind of spins people out that it’s editable by anyone.

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