You probably don’t know it, but you wouldn’t be doing what you’re doing right now without coltan.

(geez that’s a good story lead-in innit? Someone should give me a medal)

Coltan, also known as tantalum, is used in making the capacitators that hold the electric current in a computer chip. It’s also used in mobile phones and other info-age goodies. Eighty per cent of the world’s coltan is located in what is known as the Democratic Republic of Congo. In fact it’s a very mineral-rich bit of the planet, and they’re getting ripped off bigtime. The rest of this particular article is here. And for 24 more slabs of under-reported news check out Project Censored: Top 25 Censored Stories of 2001-2002. Sadly, none of them are good–news stories. There’s no “studies proved wrong on findings of ‘new car smell’s’ toxicity”.
I read about Project Censored in Nexus magazine.

But i did get my whole clickey-counter catastrophe worked out! It’s full steam ahead. I knew a bit distance was all it needed.

Swifty has a song available for download. It’s pretty cool – I dig that drum machine.

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