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I got a Dear Yak email from Sun Micros the other day saying that they’re shutting down their My Sun free webmail sevice in March. That’s a shame. It’s what i used for potential spammer-exposed places, and after having used it for a year or so, was still receiving little rubbish. Must have some good filters or something. Maybe they’re just shutting mine down because of the vulcans thing.

Sir Flakey has posted a couple of interesting book reviews over at Core of late; one of Micheal Crichton’s new novel and one of science fiction short stories. Make me realise it’s been ages since I read a good novel. Was going to have another go at Jack keroac’s Desolation Angels, but it just wasn’t getting me. Maybe the time for me reading keroac has passed.

Not being able to find a visit tracking system that’ll work easily has been quietly frustrating me for two days. Has got to a point where I’ll have to give it all a rest and look at again in another couple of days. Been a while since I came against something web-related that’s been this much of a hassle. Am wondering about why I need one so much to begin with. I’m not as obsessed with looking through the search strings as i used to be, but I still get curious. Maybe i’ll have to have a look at those remotely hosted jobs.

name: Monkey
url: iamthemonkey.com/blog/
date: 2002-12-16-17-00
Site meter (dot com) is great – or did you want something a bit… harder?
Edit Comment / Delete Comment Block IP / Block IP range 203.31.48.*

name: yak sox
email: yaksox@spouting.net
url: www.spouting.net
date: 2002-12-16-22-22
Actually I just figured out how to keep using the one I have. Wunderbah!

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