PHPosxom, son of blosxom

The title derivatives for these set ups just get wackier and wackier. This is what I’ve been mucking around with the last few days. I’ve bitten the bullet and decided this is the strain I’m going with. Eventhough it’s the officially sanctioned php port of blosxom, phposxom wasn’t the first (you might remember the link to the phosxom set up a while back). However, PHPosxom has documentation – those all important tips and pointers on how to set the thing up. Also, I see any possible time spent on learning CGI as a step sideways, whereas PHP seems like going forward. Plus blosxom – with it’s cgi actually seemed a bit sluggish in tests of late — I don’t know if it’s just the server I’m running from or what – but hangtime on the loading of the front page is no good.
Hopefully just a couple more days worth of fiddling and it’ll be ready to go for real. Currently having trouble finding a traffic stats system that doesn’t give it grief. It doesn’t seem to like these things.

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