I stayed up last night to check out the free-TPG service and it works fine. A pretty amazing find really. Credit must go to jean. I thought free internet was dead.

Dropped a bunch more stuff at the op-shop bins. They’re overflowing — people are no more decent than cats. The garbage bags (of clothes) that were left in front of the bins have been ripped open and strewn all over the joint.
I have trouble sending stuff to the op-shop because i think if I don’t want it then why would anybody else? i chucked out an old, ripped in two, copy of ‘Helter Skelter: the charlie manson story’, as told by his lawyer vincent buguloisi. i was almost going to scan the front cover – a foto of charlie with wide open eyes and wanting to look freaky. But better than that was a stamp-on caption to the side [like the “best taste ever” sticker down there on your right] which reads “Now a Disturbing Motion Picture” …
But i thought if I start scanning or taking fotos of everything i chuck out then that’s a weird and unhealthy behaviour – and is indicative of the problem i already have – that of hoarding too much crap. i’ve been drowning under mountains or it today.

Listening to Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds last night, looking through the liner notes of the compilation CD of theirs, and was struck by the foto of Blixa Bargeld — it’s almost an archetype — the mysterious man with the big hat. Tried scanning it – but the moire effect was terrible and I can’t remember how to remove it. Looked around but couldn’t find a copy on google anywhere.
But did come across the homepage of one of the other projects blixa is a part of – Einst├╝rzende Neubauten. Was interesting to see how they’re using the net to go beyond being dependent on record companies to release material. I hope it works.

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