What’s That Sound!?

The same as how it’s not the major major-stressy things in life that make one snap — it’s the little everyday irritants … is that it’s not the big things that I regret or wish could be changed (it’s easier to just accept them as the way life is going, and at some point it becomes clear why things happen the way they do). No – it’s the little trivial stuff that I think of changing. In this long-winded case – the digital camera.
It’d be nice to be able to go back to the BenQ dc1300 now that I have a way to connect it. It’s able to record sound.
During the last day or two I’ve been playing a bit of, What’s That Sound? There’s something that I’ve been hearing semi-regularly from the direction of across the road. It’s like a cross between some kind of bird, a telephone (as in: noise-noise[pause]noise-noise[pause] etc.) and a horse whinnying. There’s another thing that sound a bit like a bit and an old squeegy being scraped across something.
Then there’s the identified, but worth sharing sounds; the 100% Looney-toons door-stopper spring that goes “doo-wah-wah-woing!”, and the little dog over the fence. I don’t know that it has a name but I’ll call it Snuckles. The sounds it makes are truly out of this world, and it’s here that a recording device would solve the problem of me tryiing to describe something that is at once so hideous, pity-inspiring yet comical that it would defy any attempts of translation into written language. However it could be .WAVed and uploaded to Spouting.

Power boards and extension cords
line the walls
“Oh fiddlesticks, where’s the-

Okay, so I was a bit wrong about the deakin server. it appears I was looking in the wrong place. But see here – it looks like a pretty reasonable place to go to find your results, and then there’s a link halfway down the page that says, ”Accessing Results Via Student Connect ( World Wide Web)
Web address:” – and then there’s a link and it’s a dud link and this is where I was going wrong.
You gotta cut me some slack though, I haven’t made a really dumb mistake in ages … or at least that’s the way it feels.
I got three Ds and a credit for psychology (68; close but no avacado). It was the stats i reckon. But the communications exam must’ve done as well as I was boldly thinking it did, because the overall mark I’d racked up after the second assignment (which tanked) wasn’t too hot. And the other two artsy subjects; technocultures and truth and trancsendence scored 78 a piece – again close but not quite there.

name: Quanta
email: quanta_87@myway.com
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date: 2002-12-09-17-39
Yay know you should upgrade to the Canon, bad luck though that canon doesnt have any in stock.


*grumbles and goes off to find a new christmas present*
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name: yak sox
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date: 2002-12-09-21-24
Um, yeah those cannon A40 cameras are way out of my price range. Odd that they should be running out though — every christmas catalogue I’ve seen in the last week has had it in there.

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