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I still haven’t found out what my uni results are- the deakin server is completely swamped. They stagger it (supposedly) – so for the first semester – surnames a to c were first – and I now realise that I must’ve just fluked it being one of the first to hook in then. This semester it’s reversed so I didn’t have a hope in el.
It was driving me bug-eye crazy on friday night. I wrote them a polite but stern email about how useless they were and that I’m spending thousands of dollars of government money to get this edumacation. It later occurred to me that it wasn’t just the other 1st years trying to access the server – but the whole deakin student population, but still. I may have mentioned here before how half-witted the support staff and general IT set up is at deakin.
We have to give verification to log in (so I’m guessing wildly that that means a secure socket layer (? hahah)) so maybe that limits the amount of people who can be logged in to view results at one time. I’m pretty sure they run microsoft servers, which could only add to the feebleness of the set up. It feels like only two people can be on there at a time.
I suppose I’m just used to the really well organised set up that linux projects have – like mirrors all over the joint. Surely Deakin could’ve borrowed a govt. server to mirror the results – even if just for a week – or a few days. Or they could’ve emailed the results – they email this CHICAP (centre for heritage culture or something) spam to everyone – students and teachers alike each week.

Things are fitting together here really well – I’m finally off the floor, much to the relief of my knees and got the machine set up on this big shelf.

Am listening to this band I’d heard the name of; Modest Mouse. Found it at the library. It’s okay – a bit downbeat. The first two times I put it on I received some kind of bad news, so this is third time lucky.
It might be just that I’m listening to the radio more at the moment – but I’m noticing all these great musicians who are passing through Melbourne at the moment. Micheal Franti the other night, DJ Shadow the other night, and onne of the people from the Gotan Project on the radio and in town the other night. And Kraftwerk are going to do a gig outside of the BDO – at the Metro on Jan 29 I think. And Jane’s Addiction are going to be at the big day out too.

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