dude! where’s my fridge?

Ah well, I am here in beautiful downtown West Geelong and after a couple of days toiling I’ve managed to get the machine set up long enough to make jumping on the net worth it.
To say, ‘things didn’t go so smoothly’, would be correct. but I’m alive and have all fingers – hooray. Although my arms are cursing me for having let them become nerd arms in the past however-long. Mum’s 1980-something volvo stationwagon broke down on sunday when we had the fridge in the trailer on the back. The clutch gave out on the car — this happens to racing cars all the time. i have no fridge at present but am coping. I am sans fridge. That’s what they say; sans. They say sans.
I almost had a fully-fledged freak-out on sunday though. It’s a good excuse to eat takeaway food.
Some bloke came to steam clean the carpet of my new little abode on saturday, but he did a crap job, so the land-lady/land-woman/whatever-you-like got another person in to do it — but they couldn’t come til today – so i had to haul most of everything back out again today and then wait around for the carpet to dry. It was an almost completely clear blue sky but it still managed to rain for a couple of minutes when the mattress was sitting in the backyard. It’s amazing to look up into rain and see no clouds.
It still smells a bit toxic in here but i haven’t started halucinating yet.

Fifteen moves in 28 years is a bit much – I can’t get the average much over once every two years.

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2 more moves than me. I’ve had 13 in 30 years and seeing as I’ll be renting for at least the next 5 years, I dare say I might notch up another 2 or 3.

Ahh, the joys of not having a mortgage.
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It’s also partly due to my parents’ semi-nomadic lifestyle.

The bane of the moving renter’s existance – the final house inspection – has ended up not happening for the last two places I’ve moved from. With this last place in anglesea, divine intervention broke both of the ankles of the real estate agent so they were unable to inspect.

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