Getting around and escapism

There’s a bunch of other people’s blogs I’ve been reading for a while but haven’t added to the sidebar yet. I keep thinking I’ll wait til I’ve changed over to bloxsom. One of them is Leftbanker, who I found on the aussie blogs list, so I’m assuming he’s an autralian ex-pat (living in seattle) and currently on hols in Mexico – which is interesting reading. Kind of reminds me of a couple of years ago – I was reading Graham Greene’s The Lawless Roads, which is one of his few non-fiction books, set in mexico.
Baja is one place I’ve been curious about for a long time. A good imagination, a copy of a Lonely Planet book and an unwilllingness to work crappy jobs are just a few of the things that’ve kept me from travelling anywhere.
When I was doing professional writing and editing, we took an excursion to the Lonely Planet headquarters in (then) Hawthorn (they’ve moved to Footscray now). In a Q n’ A session I asked if they’d ever looked into how many people who bought the books actually went travelling and the guy just looked at me as if I was dumb. It later occurred to me that they couldn’t really give a fuck what people do once they buy the book, as long as they buy the damn book. At the end of this little session they spread a bunch of books across the table and said ‘go for it’. My seagull-like collegues scrambled to grab the freebies (apparently the merchandise had been banged around a little too much during packing but it all looked fine to me) while, I, not wanting to appear desperate, leaned over casually – but by then there wasn’t much of a choice. I got a copy of ‘Morocco’, which really grew on me and I later based Mintaka on it.
Also, there’s the history of it – Burroughs lived there for a while – The Interzone in Tangier … and I was reading a fair bit of the Beats at the time.
Another place I like to escape to, via LP book is Micronesia – mmm, Pacific.

app. of the day and more

One of the little games that came with Mandrake 9 is Trophy: a little 2D car racing game. It’s been keeping me amused for the last week or so. It’s still fairly fresh and raw. Things that I suppose I take for granted with other little games like being able to configure the keyboard keys and a record of high-scores aren’t yet implemented. Ocassionally it folds up and disappears too. But sticking guns on cars and racing them – that’s always gonna get me in. The website also has a d/load of a manual for building new tracks.

“Stay clear o’ me, Yella!”

Speaking of apps, since the terrible changeover scenario where I lost everything, I’ve just recently got back around to grabbing Gtk-Gnutella again for all my file-schnaffling needs. It must’ve jumped up a version since last when I was using it — I don’t know what those gnutella people are on, but, cut the dose! — the thing is drowning in dials and whirring bits and all manner of incomprehesible readouts. i don’t know how much of it is neccesary – very little of it to me, that’s for sure. It’s another of those Linux apps that sorely needs to include a nice looking, HTML-laid-out info file with the package download – to give the user an idea of what all these things are for. A FAQ on the homepage and a mailing list are good things, but it wouldn’t take much effort to compile the kind of thing I’m talking about.

“sure it’s controversial, but I’m not Prince”
I refer thee back to this short schmeditorial I did on codeweaver’s plugin crack searchers, which got a snarky little comment the other day, and for the first time, Spouting had to defend its line. Odd indeed for me to be saying, ‘you got to respect people’s right to make money from software if they want’, but there ya go. It’s true. And there’s no such thing as an undying opinion.
Just until recently I thought all real estate agents/property developers were evil, evil people. Certianly not just some, and more like most but probably all. And then I got to know a guy who does that and he’s a really decent person and doesn’t rip anyone off. (I’m still going to write a short story about a homocidal real-estate man though).

Borrowed that Sven Vath album from the library, and am a tad surprised about how many of the sounds also pop up in Speedy J tracks from a couple of years ago- the ‘G-spot’ album. Kind of makes me wonder who was doing the borrowing – Sven or Joachim. Got a good tempo to it.
Also borrowed Jonathan Richman’s ‘surrender to jonathan’, which has got that classic, “I was dancing in the lesbian bar” on it.

hoooray, I’m done

Well, the psychology exam yesterday was in part, hit and miss. The statistics were still beating me. I stabbed wildly in the dark at them — will have to wait and see. Also, 20% of it was on “contemporary issues” which was psychology of racism in australia, which is an interesting enough issue, but not time at all was given to it in either tutes or lectures, all of the reading was on the web, and some of it was in the text-book’s website. I had the password for that burgled off of me in april or something.
But the communication studies exam today was pretty breezy. There was nothing I felt like i was guessing about, and most of the stuff this semester has been right up my alley. communications technologies n’ such. Three hours of non-stop writing is a bit of a slog though.

And stepping outside was like descending into a pool of wee. 34degrees cent. and very relaxing. The other three degrees are covered by loose clothing – equalling body temp. I s’pose packing and cleaning are next on the list.

name: tony
date: 2002-11-13-22-15
37° is the temperature at which I cease to function. I also had my last exam on Tuesday. Aircon is a truly magnificent invention.
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name: yak sox
date: 2002-11-14-08-09
Normally I’m not a fan of temps that high but the air was dry, the sun hidden by cloud and for once, I was dressed appropriately.
Congrats on finishing up the semester.

Telstra phones don’t work for me either

SF posted this article at Core about a telstra customer who was complaining about his phone, and telstra wanted to have him committed because of it. Pretty wacky stuff.
The last couple of weeks I’ve had cause to use public payphones more than I have had all year, and I have to say the quality is pretty shocking. Completely hit and miss as to whether they’ll actually work, and it’s always after I’ve slotted the coins in that I realise that I might’ve had more fun throwing them into the nearby drain. And why the hell can’t they give change? The truth is, there’s many perfectly good reasons to start smashing the handset into the keypad … public payphones are such grim things.

But hey, I got 80% for my zen buddhism assignment – neat!

an interesting HOWTO

Via K5 I just came across this howto – encourage women in Linux, and a little folow up article also on kuro5hin, here. And sure there’s a whole bunch of fearfuls-neddies whose replies can be summed up with the nutshell, “I feel threatened”. But I think it’s a topic very much worthwhile getting out in the open. One of the Communications studies assignments I did this semester was looking at How come there aren’t more women in IT — and that was a bit of an eye-opener. I’ll get around to sticking it on here sometime after exams.
I mean, look at those swedish volvo factories – aren’t they more productive and happier places due to the fact that they have a balance of men and women working on the shop floor? Yes is what I’ve heard.

Goodness me – exams. It’s got to that point where I just want the things to be over. I can only do study in very short sessions because it literally puts me to sleep.

Finally got around to watching the Fontana cart race last night. Was nice to see Vasser win for once. How fitting that a Californian should win in California, and when he was on the podium, he had his baseball style peaked cap on backwards. Oh how very Californian! haha.

also – Am just having another look at blogwise – particularly the countries of origin page. I guesstimate that the portal has been running for 3 weeks or so. Mostly, the numbers of weblogs from each country represented so far is in proportion to population (or internet using-population to be more specific) — with the exception of Finland and Iran (Spain a little bit too). I suppose they must have pretty tight-knit blogging communities, and the news of a new portal spread quickly through them. There’s also the point of willingness to sign up for such a thing as a weblog portal.

“I see you’re writing a letter, can I help you with that?”

I’ve got to admit CNNNN is growing on me. Last night’s bit about Clippit (I thought its name was ‘clippy’?) was pretty good, particularly when he approached the Green Left seller.
(For some reason most of those ‘full story’ links on their site don’t work. :^(   )
I’d like to know how many writers work on it, because it seems like they pack a lot into the half hour. I suppose a fair chunk of the material is static and could’ve been worked on before the series kicked off.
Last night I was kind of waiting for them to do something on the deliberate sinking of that navy frigate in Port Vincent, SA. It’s got to be one of the neatest scams in corporate history. Instead of paying to have thousands of tons of metal reused and turned into something useful, they dump it in the ocean using the pathetic excuse that it’ll be “good for tourism”. What do they think those things are painted with – the fish equivelent of fairy floss? The paint used to stop those things from rusting is super toxic.

my best keanu reeves impression

“Whoah Dude!, I know statistics!” – paraphrasing a line from that movie which characterises the turn of the century.
I wish it were that easy; transmitting all those stats equations and tables into my memory. But I do feel less freaked about these exams than the mid-year ones.

Jeremiah mentions a new blog portal that’s started up called blogwise, which is worth feeding your a href into for the sake of growing a reputation.

Got a call from my man out at Point Break yesterday – want some alterations done to the site. I’d been wondering if this would come up. I’d really like to overhaul the whole thing, and in the vein of “Latch on to a concept and exploit it for all you can”, i wouldn’t mind setting it up as a sort of blog so that there was big clear links to the static info like accomodation prices, but then he (the owner of the joint) could post to a section on the front page bits and pieces like, “Wow, the waves are really big down here this week”, with a picture of them. It’d give it a bit more life.
So this is why I’ve been champing at the bit to get to messing around with the blosxom blogging system because it’s free. The problem is that movable type still has by far the easiest to use interface (particularly for things like uploading pictures) — but it’s not free for commercial use. I’d like to have a closer look at their license to see if there’s a difference between it being used as part of a site to advertise a place, and an actual online transactions site (which the backpackers isn’t).

Say good morning to your mouse

Be nice to it, be grateful for its workingness. The eyeball connects to the brain the brain connects to the arm the arm connects to the hand the hand connects to the mouse and the mouse connects to the pointer.
My a4tech wheely mouse is acting screwy after all these months of smooth running. And I don’t really know my hot-keys so using the machine is difficult. At a time when even the crappiest of replacement mice would be extravagant price-wise.

I didn’t mention that halloween thing that happened nigh on a week ago, but while doing a search for david thrussell, came across these pictures. The one of that fella and his ‘probe’ is particularly disturbing.

name: tony
date: 2002-11-06-20-22
The probe is nowhere near as scary as the pants he’s got on. Whoah mumma!
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name: SirFlakey
date: 2002-11-06-21-36
In fact the whole thing is scary. Reminds me just how mundane my parties are.
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name: yak sox
date: 2002-11-07-08-23
Yeah – just goes to show ya how Disney-fied Greek myths have become, because he probably did a fair representation of what Pan would’ve/could’ve looked like – not some lad blowing on pipes.

Hey Channel Ten

You’ve done a pretty good job of covering the CART world series all year, so Why delay the race from Fontana for four days?? Imbeciles.

There was a crocodile in a dream I had last night. Usually this means I’m going to get eaten and I’m desperately trying to get away — but this was different. I was at a beach in SA, but it looked more like Port Cambell, and I’m playing around in the water, there’s lots of people there, I feel this huge croc brush past my leg and am kind of surprised that it didn’t bite my legs off. It emerged onto the sand and laid out for a bit of sunbaking like all the people. I think, “aw, that’s nice”, but all the people didn’t like it and for some reason I was responsible and had to leave because of it. I got really angry with the people and was almost going the fight this one guy.
Usually bitey-things in dreams go for my toes and I wake having kicked shit out of the doona trying to get away from them – things like little coffee-coloured snakes and crabs.

Opera released 6.1 for Linux the other day. This was what I needed – they hadn’t done a version for Mdk 9/RH 8 – and this one suits that – and again – all the typefaces have come up creamy and smooth. Very Nice.

Am realising I’m going to have to get my arse in gear – get some cardboard boxes, clean things up, chuck out useless weight.

simon wilhelm
url: http://
date: 2003-02-19-15-01
I can see the headlines already:
Many thanks from this Formula One enthusiast to the team from Channel Ten (the home of motorsport) for saving us from the depths of despair (and channel nines’ pathetic coverage). We look forward to the coming season with great enthusiasm.