Dear Opera,

I say, Hey Opera,
For christmas I would like 1. a password manager like what the big kids’ browsers have.
2. and i want it so that when i put my pointer on a picture or some links the alt=”“ — the words in that pop up. Maybe you can ask Mozilla for some help getting this. And 3. Could you please enable shortcut .ico icons so that I can see those wonderful little pictures that some sites have – in the address bar and in my bookmarks.

Actually – as far as nerdy stuff goes I’d kind of like a screen capture card so that I could grab stills of tv shows and then make fun of them here. But this year socks actually do seem appropriate.

I got to thinking how good it’d be if at the end of the packing, tomorrow morning – if I could just jump in a box myself, close the lid and lay low until everything had been lifted to its final destination. This reminds me of Waldo Jeffers in the Velvet Underground song, ‘the gift’ — has been a while since I’ve listened to it, but now I think about it — they never explained how he masking-taped up the carton by himself – while being inside the thing…. ”..through the masking tape, through the cardboard, through the cushioning and POP! right through the centre of Waldo’s head, which split slightly and caused little rikarks(?) of red to pulsate gently in the morning sun”.

Am moving my monolith of a couch today. I wanted to post a foto of it to prove just how monolithic it is. The kind of thing that 40,000 nubian slaves, a tractor beam, or some eosoteric and forgotten system of pulleys and weights would be good for. I read somewhere that the predecessors of tibetan monks and other ancient civilisations used chanted accoustics and harmonics to levitate huge weights – like pyramid sized blocks. The gregorian chanting is a watered-down non-working version of this.
I probably first heard the phrase ‘tractor beam’ when I was 7 or 8 or whenever the first time I saw star wars was — and they still haven’t invented one.
Anyway, time to dismantle the Juggernaut. Let’s hope i still have the same amount of fingers and thumbs in 24hrs +5.

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