I’m consuming people again

Yesterday evening after sorting through various trash including this -now highly-linked to=because of its shudder-worthiness: barbie-blog I started to get the feeling that we’re all doomed again. Also it occurs that the world is very good at seeking out the worst possible links, but misses some of the best.
And then i happened across crispyhead.org -read a bit and think hmm-hmm, this is interesting, how come I haven’t come seen this before? – so check – and this is what i mean – google says there are no links to this site. I was thinking to myself, now here is someone who really has their online-voice sorted out, but it’s more than that, the entries are really well written and different.
Everyone has a magic mirror these days so no doubt my swarming through archives will appear alarming to crisp, but really I’m just an appreciator of original content – and this is probably why I trawl through the oceans of web-logs so much.

I got over gtk-gnutella being all dialed up and have been schnaffling music again. Found a live version of Snog’s Born to be Mild – but alas only managed to grab three quarters of it. Excellent piano accompaniment to it. My ginormo-big macquarie dictionary is packed so please allow for some dippy spelling.

name: crisp
url: www.crispyhead.org
date: 2002-11-29-19-57
wow, dont know what to say….thanks for the plug yak! btw how did you find my site?
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name: yak sox
email: yaksox@spouting.net
url: www.spouting.net
date: 2002-11-29-20-24
That’s the thing i didn’t mention – there had to be someone linked to you otherwise I wouldn’t have found it. The aussie blogs homepage found you somehow.

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