…as if not much has happened in the last 24hrs — Apocalypse Now was one of my fave movies because of the deep murkiness of it, – and then am reminded of the movie Hot Shots (1 or 2 – not sure which) where charlie sheen is cruising along a river and sees martin sheen on a boat going the other way. That was a classic. Charlie sheen’s done some serious roles, but when i see them it’s like i’m always waiting for him to deliver the punchline. he’s got one of those comical faces.

Have been having a little connection trouble of late – the pppd dies on me. I stuck Bastille on here a few days ago – and can’t tell if it’s that or if it’s just time for them down there at gee-TPG-central to add another modem to their set up.
Moving preps./packing/divving-up is going fairly smoothly. For me, it makes a difference that I was living by myself for a while before hand so I have a fair few of the neccesaries -like a fridge – jean is having to get some of that stuff.
There’s a limited amount of places here in anglesea where one can source cardboard boxes from, and I’ve been hitting pretty much all of them. It’s amazing the difference in attitude people can have. I’m not one of these people who thinks humanity can be neatly divided into ‘cat-people’ and ‘dog-people’, but weeks like this I can see people who have a ‘yes-attitude’ and a ‘no-attitude’; some people, when a question or situation is put to them will have this gut reaction of “yes, I can”, or “no, I can’t”.
Obviously there are different implications depending on the question. Like, “Hey, can you jump off this bridge for me?” and “Do you have an empty card-board boxes I could grab?”. The short of it is that the woman working at the Shell needs to take a good hard look at herself, while the bloke who owns the pub is a ‘can-do’.

I got my new phone number yesterday. A small point, but important me thinks – it rolls off the tongue really well – which makes it easy to remember, which makes me happy. Kinda sounds like Apollo 440. It’s all iambics – up and down. Iambics was one of the hardest things to get my head around when i was studying poetry, and it’s still one of those things that on some days i can’t hear them at all. The word baracuda was in my head a week or so ago. Now there’s a nice example of up-down-up-down. It rolls nicely.

Ah fudge, the fridgeman came and i was still in my pyjamas….

name: crisp
date: 2002-11-28-21-21
that’s alright unless they’re one of those one piece jump-suit type pajamas….
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name: yak sox
date: 2002-11-29-08-06
Haha, no – although i did wear one of those as a little child and there are photos to prove it.

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