more little bits

Jeremiah, our man down on the street with his ear to the ground has alerted me to another interesting little blog-tool, recommended reading – like I said it’s interesting, but what I write about and the nature of the links on my sidebar isn’t neccesarily what I’m interested in reading more of. And it seemed to just give a handful of already well patriated sites. I’m more interested in finding obscure or unpopular weblogs.

I think i kicked off my packing of boxes way too early. Things keep coming up where I go to grab a book or a CD rom and realise they’re all packed. Perhaps this will get me into a keener mood to unpack when I get there – i hope so.

For anyone else using Mandrake – 9.0 or otherwise, I found this Penguin Liberation Front that has a whole bunch of libraries and apps that weren’t distributed with the official CDs due to copyright reasons.

Here’s a link for sir flakey and all the other apple mac appreciators; is an australian collection spot of applish news. funny, I hadn’t come across another php-nuke site (apart from Core) in ages.

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