PHP and sharing the link-lurve

First, some good news – Bob den Otter, coder of the (php-based) pivot web-logging system has announced that pivot is going to be officially released under the GPL license from now on. This clearly gives it an edge over movable type. I really should give it another test shot underground here somewhere. I never have much luck with the file permissions.

I’ve been mucking around a little with phosxom – a php variant on blosxom by a guy called stoyan (check out his site to see what it looks like). I like it because it has comments built into it, whereas blosxom doesn’t. But unfortunately there’s no documentation to follow on setting it up.

Added a bunch of people’s blogs/journals that I’ve been reading. The aforementioned leftbanker, monkey of ‘I am the monkey’ in canberra, Swifty at ‘dustgun’, Summer’s ‘indierocket’ — all these people write great stuff. ‘Invisible shoebox’ is a blog on blogging – angles like that are always interesting. And last but not least, ‘Please don’t eat me!’ Ben – whose blog I only came across recently but who seems like a nice fella (and he linked me back, which always helps   ;^)

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