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Yesterday i mentioned how that aussie blogs update tracker had changed. It looks like there was a whole bunch more new people added to it too. And Holy Cats! what’s with all the politics blogs? I’m sighing heavily in exasperation. Someone’s doing one of dippy spoof blogs being simon crean. I tell you what, why don’t I start one of those up and pretend to be the moth that’s been living in my room for the last week, because it’s sure as hell a lot more interesting, has more charisma and personal magnetivity than crean.
Parliamentary politics as a distraction from reality seems to be more alluring than any tv show the Media-Machine can produce. It’s a circus with suits and ties. It’s not politics – it’s a circus. The things that are more commonly labelled “conspiracy theory” are where the real politics is today.
I know I was talking about handing out how-to-vote things a few days ago, but I hold no illusions that anything significant can be changed through parliamentary politics. It’s something minor to do to take part, and at least it is taking part instead of pointing fingers and wailing into the electronic void.
The only thing I can really change is myself, and that’s enough.

And saying that, I’ve thrown off the feeling of limbo – putting things off ’til I’ve moved, because it’s still a bit more than a week away. Got back into writing an on-paper journal, and decided to pick up a book – reading becasue I want to -(as opposed to reading for study, as most of this year has been). Have wanted to read Joseph Conrad – The Heart of Darkness for yonks. Have read a lot of his shorter stories and liked them, and this is said to be a classic, symbolically speaking.
Today’s a bright blue sunny day, not warm enough to be jumping in water, but excellent for taking photos, so am off for a walk to make the most of the vistas while I’m still here.
So salllllll-ty free.

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