Listening to a CD I won off PBS a few years ago. This in itself is great because they always end up being things that I’d never fork out the money for, so it’s something different, and while i may sometimes think it’s crap to begin with, it grows on me over time.
Tommy Boy’s Greatest Hits Vol.3 has some really fun classic and some really hammy rap on it. Featuring lines like, ‘you make me sick, like strawberry Quik’, (from Shamrocks and Shenanigans’ song House of Pain). But artists like Coolio, DeLaSoul and Digital Underground were really where hip-hop was at before gangsta rap took over. I like this style of music because of the potential it has to deliver a lot of message – and successfully making it sound catchy is what makes you remember it.
I remember once coming back down the highway from melbourne listening to this ‘rap-off’ on the Peebs and all these youngster melbourne rappers were giving it their best shot — made me appreciate that these artists who do get recording contracts do have a lot of talent to match the beat in words to beats in music, and do it fast.

I’ve got a firm (well, fairly firm) date for moving, finally – nov. 30. I’d anticipated going earlier than that and happened to spy a temporary electoral office in Smelmont and so tranferred my address for the coming state election. The vote counts for the –>next 3-4 years anyway, so makes sense to be voting in the west-geelong-ish type electorate rather the limbo-istic state that I’ll actually be in.
I s’pose it’s extremely rare that one vote that’ll make a diff., but occasionally one or two hundered will, and last state election (i think it was that one (?)) I handed out how-to-votes for New labor who were standing in that same electorate. They were the best of a bad bunch; had some wacky ideas and some of the members (wobblies, i think) i knew from a former life when i was way over in the left – the DSP.
Anyway, preferences were going to the labor guy, trecise, and he just scraped in by a hundred. Stilll not very satisfactory (proportional representation would be better) but what can ya do?

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