hoooray, I’m done

Well, the psychology exam yesterday was in part, hit and miss. The statistics were still beating me. I stabbed wildly in the dark at them — will have to wait and see. Also, 20% of it was on “contemporary issues” which was psychology of racism in australia, which is an interesting enough issue, but not time at all was given to it in either tutes or lectures, all of the reading was on the web, and some of it was in the text-book’s website. I had the password for that burgled off of me in april or something.
But the communication studies exam today was pretty breezy. There was nothing I felt like i was guessing about, and most of the stuff this semester has been right up my alley. communications technologies n’ such. Three hours of non-stop writing is a bit of a slog though.

And stepping outside was like descending into a pool of wee. 34degrees cent. and very relaxing. The other three degrees are covered by loose clothing – equalling body temp. I s’pose packing and cleaning are next on the list.

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37° is the temperature at which I cease to function. I also had my last exam on Tuesday. Aircon is a truly magnificent invention.
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Normally I’m not a fan of temps that high but the air was dry, the sun hidden by cloud and for once, I was dressed appropriately.
Congrats on finishing up the semester.

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