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Via K5 I just came across this howto – encourage women in Linux, and a little folow up article also on kuro5hin, here. And sure there’s a whole bunch of fearfuls-neddies whose replies can be summed up with the nutshell, “I feel threatened”. But I think it’s a topic very much worthwhile getting out in the open. One of the Communications studies assignments I did this semester was looking at How come there aren’t more women in IT — and that was a bit of an eye-opener. I’ll get around to sticking it on here sometime after exams.
I mean, look at those swedish volvo factories – aren’t they more productive and happier places due to the fact that they have a balance of men and women working on the shop floor? Yes is what I’ve heard.

Goodness me – exams. It’s got to that point where I just want the things to be over. I can only do study in very short sessions because it literally puts me to sleep.

Finally got around to watching the Fontana cart race last night. Was nice to see Vasser win for once. How fitting that a Californian should win in California, and when he was on the podium, he had his baseball style peaked cap on backwards. Oh how very Californian! haha.

also – Am just having another look at blogwise – particularly the countries of origin page. I guesstimate that the portal has been running for 3 weeks or so. Mostly, the numbers of weblogs from each country represented so far is in proportion to population (or internet using-population to be more specific) — with the exception of Finland and Iran (Spain a little bit too). I suppose they must have pretty tight-knit blogging communities, and the news of a new portal spread quickly through them. There’s also the point of willingness to sign up for such a thing as a weblog portal.

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