“I see you’re writing a letter, can I help you with that?”

I’ve got to admit CNNNN is growing on me. Last night’s bit about Clippit (I thought its name was ‘clippy’?) was pretty good, particularly when he approached the Green Left seller.
(For some reason most of those ‘full story’ links on their site don’t work. :^(   )
I’d like to know how many writers work on it, because it seems like they pack a lot into the half hour. I suppose a fair chunk of the material is static and could’ve been worked on before the series kicked off.
Last night I was kind of waiting for them to do something on the deliberate sinking of that navy frigate in Port Vincent, SA. It’s got to be one of the neatest scams in corporate history. Instead of paying to have thousands of tons of metal reused and turned into something useful, they dump it in the ocean using the pathetic excuse that it’ll be “good for tourism”. What do they think those things are painted with – the fish equivelent of fairy floss? The paint used to stop those things from rusting is super toxic.

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