my best keanu reeves impression

“Whoah Dude!, I know statistics!” – paraphrasing a line from that movie which characterises the turn of the century.
I wish it were that easy; transmitting all those stats equations and tables into my memory. But I do feel less freaked about these exams than the mid-year ones.

Jeremiah mentions a new blog portal that’s started up called blogwise, which is worth feeding your a href into for the sake of growing a reputation.

Got a call from my man out at Point Break yesterday – want some alterations done to the site. I’d been wondering if this would come up. I’d really like to overhaul the whole thing, and in the vein of “Latch on to a concept and exploit it for all you can”, i wouldn’t mind setting it up as a sort of blog so that there was big clear links to the static info like accomodation prices, but then he (the owner of the joint) could post to a section on the front page bits and pieces like, “Wow, the waves are really big down here this week”, with a picture of them. It’d give it a bit more life.
So this is why I’ve been champing at the bit to get to messing around with the blosxom blogging system because it’s free. The problem is that movable type still has by far the easiest to use interface (particularly for things like uploading pictures) — but it’s not free for commercial use. I’d like to have a closer look at their license to see if there’s a difference between it being used as part of a site to advertise a place, and an actual online transactions site (which the backpackers isn’t).

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