Hey Channel Ten

You’ve done a pretty good job of covering the CART world series all year, so Why delay the race from Fontana for four days?? Imbeciles.

There was a crocodile in a dream I had last night. Usually this means I’m going to get eaten and I’m desperately trying to get away — but this was different. I was at a beach in SA, but it looked more like Port Cambell, and I’m playing around in the water, there’s lots of people there, I feel this huge croc brush past my leg and am kind of surprised that it didn’t bite my legs off. It emerged onto the sand and laid out for a bit of sunbaking like all the people. I think, “aw, that’s nice”, but all the people didn’t like it and for some reason I was responsible and had to leave because of it. I got really angry with the people and was almost going the fight this one guy.
Usually bitey-things in dreams go for my toes and I wake having kicked shit out of the doona trying to get away from them – things like little coffee-coloured snakes and crabs.

Opera released 6.1 for Linux the other day. This was what I needed – they hadn’t done a version for Mdk 9/RH 8 – and this one suits that – and again – all the typefaces have come up creamy and smooth. Very Nice.

Am realising I’m going to have to get my arse in gear – get some cardboard boxes, clean things up, chuck out useless weight.

simon wilhelm
email: @bigpond.net.au
url: http://
date: 2003-02-19-15-01
I can see the headlines already:
Many thanks from this Formula One enthusiast to the team from Channel Ten (the home of motorsport) for saving us from the depths of despair (and channel nines’ pathetic coverage). We look forward to the coming season with great enthusiasm.

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