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The powers that be have saved me. In a month I am moving back to the little semi-trailer trailer shaped room that I used to live in three and a half years ago. A bungalow boy again. Is my life going in circles? Hell no. Spirals moving outward maybe – it’s ‘un-possible’ to deny what I’ve learnt, gained and experienced in this time. At this point I still can’t say specifically what makes up those three categories, but it will become evident.
So, this news is a huge load off my mind. At times during the last two weeks (what? only 2 weeks??) my head has been so heavy with thought that as soon as it wasn’t balancing on my spine (like when sitting down) the weight of it would fall into my hand for structural support.

Like this.

And now the nerd out-feed: As mentioned a little while back I’ve been dipping my toes into Mandrake 9, and am finding it very nice. It’s not so much that red hat 8 was a disaster, but after a while of thinking about it, I’m not overly impressed with the BlueCurve idea. For me it just meant a whole bunch of reconfiguring things so that they conformed to the way KDE normally works. I mean – double-clicks: why the hell double click on an icon when you can single-click, I ask you?
Also Red hat seemed really slow. There’s probably some configuring I needed to do – the kernel or something, but Opera was terribly unresponsive, and whereas with RH 7.3 – Fluxbox would start in half a second, it takes 5 or 8 seconds with RH 8.
I’ll leave the whole Red Hat + Gnome +USA vs. SuSE +Kde + the European Union conspiriacy chat for another day, but as far as I’m concerned, when TrollTech released a free version of Qt for Linux use, that was enough reassurance that the KDE project would stay free for me — and while gnome was still making monkey noises and throwing bones in the air and hitting bones against other bones and trying to figure out what it was all about … the KDE project sailed off into becoming what a DeskTop Environment should be. They were the first to get it right, naturally I started using it because of that, so why change?
And when it comes down to what it’s really about — my loyalty doesn’t lie with any particular Linux vendor, or even any particular DTE. It’s the apps that i use day-in, day-out that matter: Opera (okay, so it ain’t free-software), Mozilla, Evolution, KWrite/Kate/Gedit, Quanta, Gftp, Gaim, Konqueror file manager, KPPP, Open Office, The Gimp… and then the sometimes invisible workhorses like the X Window system, the kernel, the shell and all the other bits that form a competent and versatile computer operating system.

Mandrake update agent seems to work okay. i just need to to get a little help configuring the sound card. Butter me on both side if there wasn’t a little sound device on the motherboard all along, and now that’s clashing with the SoundBlaster card.
There seems to be a lot of people working on making Mandrake-specific packages of apps – (like a src.rpm of Fluxbox) so it doesn’t matter if ‘Drake’s not as compatible with red hat RPMs as it used to be. One thing that bugged me about red hat was that when a new version of Kde would be released, RH would never write up packages of it, but all the other distros would.

Picked up a few neat bits and pieces from Kde-look yesterday, including this unusual and interesting looking wallpaper, Dal-In.

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