‘burban truths

Went and visited a friend/former landlord last night for dinner over in west geelong. Was nice to catch up with her. I used to live in the bungalow on that property before the relationship with jean. Living there was the first time that independent yak emerged and he was happy. god how I don’t wanna put the moz on myself but there’s the slim possibility that i may be able to move back in there – which would rock fucking immensely. Either way it’s inevitable that I’m going to have to re-adjust to things like neighbours being much closer, traffic noise, neighbour-noise, streetlights nullifying the stars and the night-sky and of course – having to say bye-bye to all my feathered friends down here. Ah well, nothing’s never for ever.
And it’d be nice to be living on terrain flat enough to ride a three-speed bycycle on, and be less than twenty minutes walk from a purchasable carton of milk, and closer to uni.
I happened to take a squiz in her coffee-table bowl and noticed that “intel” brandname on a couple of things – she’s making brooches out of old (presumably – i couldn’t tell exactly) 386 chips with all the pins on the under side sanded off. And there was a whole bunch of bits pulled out of tvs – curcuit boards and green and copper wire. Weird and wonderful.
Anyway, in a non-pushy, non-accusational way (that always works best doesn’t it?) we uncovered a few areas that I need to have a look at about myself. So I think I got some meditating to do – the kind where I don’t fall asleep halfway through.

Also I went out to uni re:re-enrolments and got that looking a bit clearer in my head – I’ve used up all my ‘fun’ points and for the rest of the degree it’s just communication-studies and psychology — this is if I still intend to do them as a double major – which I do.

Was listening to Marc Bolan in his various guises the other day (Marc Bolan, John’s Children, Tyranasaurus (I know that’s wrong) Rex, T.Rex) … Man he rocks. Ever since I heard the album ‘Unicorn’ ages ago I’ve really dug his stuff – particularly the earlier stuff. The sond really connects with me – sometimes I think marc is one of the goodly spirits who hears me listening to his stuff and puts the B.Boogie into me.

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