Dear Opera,

I say, Hey Opera,
For christmas I would like 1. a password manager like what the big kids’ browsers have.
2. and i want it so that when i put my pointer on a picture or some links the alt=”“ — the words in that pop up. Maybe you can ask Mozilla for some help getting this. And 3. Could you please enable shortcut .ico icons so that I can see those wonderful little pictures that some sites have – in the address bar and in my bookmarks.

Actually – as far as nerdy stuff goes I’d kind of like a screen capture card so that I could grab stills of tv shows and then make fun of them here. But this year socks actually do seem appropriate.

I got to thinking how good it’d be if at the end of the packing, tomorrow morning – if I could just jump in a box myself, close the lid and lay low until everything had been lifted to its final destination. This reminds me of Waldo Jeffers in the Velvet Underground song, ‘the gift’ — has been a while since I’ve listened to it, but now I think about it — they never explained how he masking-taped up the carton by himself – while being inside the thing…. ”..through the masking tape, through the cardboard, through the cushioning and POP! right through the centre of Waldo’s head, which split slightly and caused little rikarks(?) of red to pulsate gently in the morning sun”.

Am moving my monolith of a couch today. I wanted to post a foto of it to prove just how monolithic it is. The kind of thing that 40,000 nubian slaves, a tractor beam, or some eosoteric and forgotten system of pulleys and weights would be good for. I read somewhere that the predecessors of tibetan monks and other ancient civilisations used chanted accoustics and harmonics to levitate huge weights – like pyramid sized blocks. The gregorian chanting is a watered-down non-working version of this.
I probably first heard the phrase ‘tractor beam’ when I was 7 or 8 or whenever the first time I saw star wars was — and they still haven’t invented one.
Anyway, time to dismantle the Juggernaut. Let’s hope i still have the same amount of fingers and thumbs in 24hrs +5.

I’m consuming people again

Yesterday evening after sorting through various trash including this -now highly-linked to=because of its shudder-worthiness: barbie-blog I started to get the feeling that we’re all doomed again. Also it occurs that the world is very good at seeking out the worst possible links, but misses some of the best.
And then i happened across -read a bit and think hmm-hmm, this is interesting, how come I haven’t come seen this before? – so check – and this is what i mean – google says there are no links to this site. I was thinking to myself, now here is someone who really has their online-voice sorted out, but it’s more than that, the entries are really well written and different.
Everyone has a magic mirror these days so no doubt my swarming through archives will appear alarming to crisp, but really I’m just an appreciator of original content – and this is probably why I trawl through the oceans of web-logs so much.

I got over gtk-gnutella being all dialed up and have been schnaffling music again. Found a live version of Snog’s Born to be Mild – but alas only managed to grab three quarters of it. Excellent piano accompaniment to it. My ginormo-big macquarie dictionary is packed so please allow for some dippy spelling.

name: crisp
date: 2002-11-29-19-57
wow, dont know what to say….thanks for the plug yak! btw how did you find my site?
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name: yak sox
date: 2002-11-29-20-24
That’s the thing i didn’t mention – there had to be someone linked to you otherwise I wouldn’t have found it. The aussie blogs homepage found you somehow.


…as if not much has happened in the last 24hrs — Apocalypse Now was one of my fave movies because of the deep murkiness of it, – and then am reminded of the movie Hot Shots (1 or 2 – not sure which) where charlie sheen is cruising along a river and sees martin sheen on a boat going the other way. That was a classic. Charlie sheen’s done some serious roles, but when i see them it’s like i’m always waiting for him to deliver the punchline. he’s got one of those comical faces.

Have been having a little connection trouble of late – the pppd dies on me. I stuck Bastille on here a few days ago – and can’t tell if it’s that or if it’s just time for them down there at gee-TPG-central to add another modem to their set up.
Moving preps./packing/divving-up is going fairly smoothly. For me, it makes a difference that I was living by myself for a while before hand so I have a fair few of the neccesaries -like a fridge – jean is having to get some of that stuff.
There’s a limited amount of places here in anglesea where one can source cardboard boxes from, and I’ve been hitting pretty much all of them. It’s amazing the difference in attitude people can have. I’m not one of these people who thinks humanity can be neatly divided into ‘cat-people’ and ‘dog-people’, but weeks like this I can see people who have a ‘yes-attitude’ and a ‘no-attitude’; some people, when a question or situation is put to them will have this gut reaction of “yes, I can”, or “no, I can’t”.
Obviously there are different implications depending on the question. Like, “Hey, can you jump off this bridge for me?” and “Do you have an empty card-board boxes I could grab?”. The short of it is that the woman working at the Shell needs to take a good hard look at herself, while the bloke who owns the pub is a ‘can-do’.

I got my new phone number yesterday. A small point, but important me thinks – it rolls off the tongue really well – which makes it easy to remember, which makes me happy. Kinda sounds like Apollo 440. It’s all iambics – up and down. Iambics was one of the hardest things to get my head around when i was studying poetry, and it’s still one of those things that on some days i can’t hear them at all. The word baracuda was in my head a week or so ago. Now there’s a nice example of up-down-up-down. It rolls nicely.

Ah fudge, the fridgeman came and i was still in my pyjamas….

name: crisp
date: 2002-11-28-21-21
that’s alright unless they’re one of those one piece jump-suit type pajamas….
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name: yak sox
date: 2002-11-29-08-06
Haha, no – although i did wear one of those as a little child and there are photos to prove it.

et cetera

Sorry I can’t come up with fantastic and witty titles of late – it’s just the way the days have been. Sometimes flat and limbo-istic, sometimes boppy and energised – but either way lots of snippets.
Feeling a slight sense of achievement this eve. due to having some success with CSS (of all things). Have been working on a new layout with the blosxom system. It uses a table as a default. Because I’m wanting to have three columns with this new look, I thought, well bugger it – I’m never going to get a cascading style sheet to give me three collumns, so I might as well go with the table. Biu I did give it a try in CSS – and it worked – so that’s swell.

After 24 hours of solid rain here, it came up all misty and humid this morning reminding me of this book the heart of darkness which I’ve mentioned that I’m reading at the moment. It’s reminding me a lot of the movie Apocalypse Now – which in part was based on that book. There is a movie version of the heart… but it was forgetable at best.

The magic mirror finally gave me the result this morning of the Lorca page finally getting past the surprise chef one. It’s essay season in the nothern hemisphere, and poor old aristos is doing his best – with the backpack n’ all … but the tv gets harder to concentrate on as we approach the insanity of the festive season.

name: tony
date: 2002-11-27-00-15
Yay! I had the same fight with CSS at first. After a while it’s quite easy to master. Now I’ve gotten rid of tables on half my site.
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name: yak sox
date: 2002-11-27-11-39
Yes indeedy, I read of your christmas present – I’m envious.
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name: Monkey
date: 2002-11-27-17-19
There is NO REASON for Aristos. Really. Someone needs to make that fat, stupid peice of … chef … die. No, really. I hate him, I hate him, I hate him.

more little bits

Jeremiah, our man down on the street with his ear to the ground has alerted me to another interesting little blog-tool, recommended reading – like I said it’s interesting, but what I write about and the nature of the links on my sidebar isn’t neccesarily what I’m interested in reading more of. And it seemed to just give a handful of already well patriated sites. I’m more interested in finding obscure or unpopular weblogs.

I think i kicked off my packing of boxes way too early. Things keep coming up where I go to grab a book or a CD rom and realise they’re all packed. Perhaps this will get me into a keener mood to unpack when I get there – i hope so.

For anyone else using Mandrake – 9.0 or otherwise, I found this Penguin Liberation Front that has a whole bunch of libraries and apps that weren’t distributed with the official CDs due to copyright reasons.

Here’s a link for sir flakey and all the other apple mac appreciators; is an australian collection spot of applish news. funny, I hadn’t come across another php-nuke site (apart from Core) in ages.

PHP and sharing the link-lurve

First, some good news – Bob den Otter, coder of the (php-based) pivot web-logging system has announced that pivot is going to be officially released under the GPL license from now on. This clearly gives it an edge over movable type. I really should give it another test shot underground here somewhere. I never have much luck with the file permissions.

I’ve been mucking around a little with phosxom – a php variant on blosxom by a guy called stoyan (check out his site to see what it looks like). I like it because it has comments built into it, whereas blosxom doesn’t. But unfortunately there’s no documentation to follow on setting it up.

Added a bunch of people’s blogs/journals that I’ve been reading. The aforementioned leftbanker, monkey of ‘I am the monkey’ in canberra, Swifty at ‘dustgun’, Summer’s ‘indierocket’ — all these people write great stuff. ‘Invisible shoebox’ is a blog on blogging – angles like that are always interesting. And last but not least, ‘Please don’t eat me!’ Ben – whose blog I only came across recently but who seems like a nice fella (and he linked me back, which always helps   ;^)

cheap seats under the bigtop

Yesterday i mentioned how that aussie blogs update tracker had changed. It looks like there was a whole bunch more new people added to it too. And Holy Cats! what’s with all the politics blogs? I’m sighing heavily in exasperation. Someone’s doing one of dippy spoof blogs being simon crean. I tell you what, why don’t I start one of those up and pretend to be the moth that’s been living in my room for the last week, because it’s sure as hell a lot more interesting, has more charisma and personal magnetivity than crean.
Parliamentary politics as a distraction from reality seems to be more alluring than any tv show the Media-Machine can produce. It’s a circus with suits and ties. It’s not politics – it’s a circus. The things that are more commonly labelled “conspiracy theory” are where the real politics is today.
I know I was talking about handing out how-to-vote things a few days ago, but I hold no illusions that anything significant can be changed through parliamentary politics. It’s something minor to do to take part, and at least it is taking part instead of pointing fingers and wailing into the electronic void.
The only thing I can really change is myself, and that’s enough.

And saying that, I’ve thrown off the feeling of limbo – putting things off ’til I’ve moved, because it’s still a bit more than a week away. Got back into writing an on-paper journal, and decided to pick up a book – reading becasue I want to -(as opposed to reading for study, as most of this year has been). Have wanted to read Joseph Conrad – The Heart of Darkness for yonks. Have read a lot of his shorter stories and liked them, and this is said to be a classic, symbolically speaking.
Today’s a bright blue sunny day, not warm enough to be jumping in water, but excellent for taking photos, so am off for a walk to make the most of the vistas while I’m still here.
So salllllll-ty free.

tossing a coin at a street corner

Very occasionally i get a perspective that’s objective enough to properly appreciate how big and diverse content on the the net is. And more specifically, the way people label the images that they put in here. This is easily realised by typing just about anything into google and hitting the images tab. Like –boc for example. I like the one of the kids down bottom left — kinda unassuming and totally random.

not much to say

But more than nothing.
Was reading an old journal i’d written during ’97. Fuck it was funny. I’m just the same. I haven’t been keeping one for over a year now. This is kind of different. I think once I get moved I’ll get back into keeping a diary/journal.

Have spent a bit of time fiddling with Red hat again. It seems okay all except Opera. Have done a little more to the Ark in the backyard – just mucking around with a trial version of photoshop elements, which seems okay. The particular typeface I wanted to use – for some reason – won’t load up in the GIMP.


Listening to a CD I won off PBS a few years ago. This in itself is great because they always end up being things that I’d never fork out the money for, so it’s something different, and while i may sometimes think it’s crap to begin with, it grows on me over time.
Tommy Boy’s Greatest Hits Vol.3 has some really fun classic and some really hammy rap on it. Featuring lines like, ‘you make me sick, like strawberry Quik’, (from Shamrocks and Shenanigans’ song House of Pain). But artists like Coolio, DeLaSoul and Digital Underground were really where hip-hop was at before gangsta rap took over. I like this style of music because of the potential it has to deliver a lot of message – and successfully making it sound catchy is what makes you remember it.
I remember once coming back down the highway from melbourne listening to this ‘rap-off’ on the Peebs and all these youngster melbourne rappers were giving it their best shot — made me appreciate that these artists who do get recording contracts do have a lot of talent to match the beat in words to beats in music, and do it fast.

I’ve got a firm (well, fairly firm) date for moving, finally – nov. 30. I’d anticipated going earlier than that and happened to spy a temporary electoral office in Smelmont and so tranferred my address for the coming state election. The vote counts for the –>next 3-4 years anyway, so makes sense to be voting in the west-geelong-ish type electorate rather the limbo-istic state that I’ll actually be in.
I s’pose it’s extremely rare that one vote that’ll make a diff., but occasionally one or two hundered will, and last state election (i think it was that one (?)) I handed out how-to-votes for New labor who were standing in that same electorate. They were the best of a bad bunch; had some wacky ideas and some of the members (wobblies, i think) i knew from a former life when i was way over in the left – the DSP.
Anyway, preferences were going to the labor guy, trecise, and he just scraped in by a hundred. Stilll not very satisfactory (proportional representation would be better) but what can ya do?