Yeah it’s all about attitude. Today I’m feeling a bit better and accordingly there doesn’t appear to be 57 ways in which the world will end in the next week. It’s taken me a little while for me to accept it, but jean annd i are now broken up and there’s nothing else I can do, and it’s out of my hands now and I can accept that. That acceptance part has been the hardest.
Now it’s just the logistical nightmare of moving (oh, and exams, re-enrolling, etc) myself and stuff out of here in a couple of weeks … ah – but I’m getting ahead of myself again. The only things I’m not sure how to get moved are the fridge (which will need one of those super-trolleys with a seatbelt annd triple wheels) and a large white couch which is more like the pyramid of Cheops than a couch.
Anyway we’re both being very civilised about it, thank god. There’s no venomous name-calling or nasty tricks — that’d really send me around the bend.

Will be a shame to not be in anglesea for summer – that’s the best bit! But it’s not as if I’ll be moving to alice springs or anything.

Have to remind myself to make a bookmarks page this time – as in- how I lost all the stuff after the reinstall. Is a hassle having to find all those addresses again. Am still using Mandrake at the moment – don’t have time to deal with trying to make red hat font rendering work for me — but at some stage will have to because mandrake package updating is pretty useless and I can’t get sound working for it.

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